Filth, Feces, Urine & Trash – Relative Describes Squalid State Of St. Louis VA


“So as we walk over to the larger trash can and I opened the lid, it’s full to the top. Full of feces, laundry, just dirty items, urine smell. Mind you, his roommate, you know, gets help going to the bathroom. So all of that they just throw in that trash can right there and left it there. And it was so full to the top that you’ll be able to see on the picture that there’s days worth of trash that’s sitting there.

“There’s no way the small trash can and the large one is full of, you know, bad things in less than eight hours. So as I’m explaining this to (the supervisor), his voice gets louder, my voice escalates a little bit because I let him know, ‘Well, cause you’re not able to contact them right now, I just going to go ahead and sit the trash in the hallway. That way, you know, it’s not stinky in here with us.’

“With an attitude, he snatches both trash cans and puts them back. He said ‘No, these are going to stay in here until the housekeeping gets done with the other building.’ At that point the trashcans are back in there with us, and he said ‘If you move these trashcans back in the hallway, I will call the Veteran Affairs police to escort you out of the building.’”

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