Florida Police: Dad Won’t Be Charged For Beating Man Found Raping His Son

Crime Scene - Photo by Yumi Kimura

Daytona Beach police are saying a father who walked in on a man sexually battering his 11-year-old son was “acting like a dad’ when he severely beat the molester and won’t be charged with a crime.

The father, who had left his home briefly while a neighbor, Raymond Frolander, 18, stayed with his son, said when he returned he suspected something was amiss since the house was so quiet. Upon going to a back room, he discovered Frolander in the act.

“He stood up and his pants were around his ankles and nothing else needed to be said,” the father told the 9-1-1 dispatcher. “I did whatever I got a right to do, except I didn’t kill him.”

Asked by the dispatcher if there were weapons used in the incident, the father indicated only “my foot and my fist.”

“I didn’t proceed to ask him any questions sir,” the father said. “He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you. I drug him out to the living room.”

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