Global warming models confounded as Antarctic sea ice hits new record high with 2.1million square miles more than is usual for this time of year

Antarctic Sea Ice Grows - Public Domain

The levels of Antarctic sea-ice last week hit an all-time high – confounding climate change computer models which say it should be in decline.

America’s National Snow And Ice Data Center, which is funded by Nasa, revealed that ice around the southern continent covers about 16million sq km, more than 2.1 million more than is usual for the time of year.

It is by far the highest level since satellite observations on which the figures depend began in 1979.
In statistical terms, the extent of the ice cover is hugely significant.

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1 thought on “Global warming models confounded as Antarctic sea ice hits new record high with 2.1million square miles more than is usual for this time of year”

  1. I am not surprised. The significant data was a rise in Carbon Dioxide levels. Carbon Dioxide acts like aluminium in its ability to transfer heat and cold. What that means to us average people is nothing.
    To an engineer it might mean that the extreme heat from the equator and the extreme cold from the poles might meet and average out. So in a way both sides of the issue are right!
    Now if the added Carbon Dioxide levels are all north of the equator, then most of the results will come from the equator and north pole areas. The area of the South Pole might actually be colder.
    What should come of this? Probably nothing. The Carbon DIoxide will generally distribute itself over a wider and wider area until it disappears in the larger atmosphere of the entire planet. But that will take years.
    The balance is in the plants. They breathe the Carbon Dioxide in and exhale the Oxygen. Mostly on a microscopic plant level. Most of the majority of land is north of the Equator. We have jungles both in Africa and South America. Destroying those jungles does more to harm our balance of oxygen than most other things. But the ocean plants are the real key and they are being destroyed by things like floating plastic.
    When the balance shifts, then plants thrive and animals do not. This in turn, runs the oxygen level way up. Oxygen does not conduct heat like Carbon Dioxide. Thus you have huge swings in the climate.
    The latest swing was an extremely wet and very cold winter in the northern hemisphere.
    Followed in some areas by extremes of drought. Again you are looking at heat being conducted a lot more than normal. Cold and heat transferred together equals an eventual average temperature. But not right away.
    The planet itself is self-regulating. That means all of this is temporary.
    Over many years, volcanoes have upset this balance many times pushing a lot of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Eventually it is absorbed and you have a swinging pendulum as you end up with excessive oxygen as the plants do their thing. Then it starts all over again.
    I think we need to watch Antarctica very closely. It might be the key to a lot of geological changes as that ice becomes very heavy. That in turn can effect the platelets all over the planet.
    Our main claim to fame is the Environmental Protection Agency. Just goes to show what a bunch of lawyers that do not know what they are doing can achieve in the way of a power bureaucratic mess caused by Chicken Little saying that the Sky is Falling.
    Any time you have truckloads of regulation, you have confusion as to what is what. In steps the bureaucrats interpreting the law as they so choose. That is worse than any weather catastrophe I can think of.

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