Harvard Researcher On Aging: There’s no ‘limit on the human lifespan’

DNA - Photo by Christoph Bock

But one researcher from Harvard Medical School, David Sinclair, believes the secret to stopping the aging process is closer than we think.

“I wouldn’t begin to put a limit on the human lifespan,” he says.

Sinclair has spent the past 20 years looking for ways to help people live longer, healthier lives.

In an exclusive look at his strictly guarded mouse lab, Sinclair showed us how his research team is looking to stop the clock on aging.

It was Sinclair’s research on resveratrol, a molecule found in grapes, that made headlines a decade ago when it showed promising results in keeping overfed mice as healthy as lean mice. Sinclair even chose to test resveratrol on himself, something he has been doing for the past 10 years, and he says he’s feeling fit and healthy.

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