Islamic State warns it has sleeper cells in the West, raises the stakes with beheading of American

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It seems clear that Islamic State is raising the stakes, aware that the gruesome death of an American and the image of another one at the mercy of an executioner who is taunting a US president could invite retaliation – heavier air strikes at least.

But the United States and other Western powers may now be diverting their attention away from the Sunni insurgents innorthern Iraq to what they are capable of doing overseas.

The group can draw on hundreds if not thousands of foreigners with Western passports that can keep them below the radar, like the British-sounding man who appeared to have killed Foley, to carry out its threats.

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1 thought on “Islamic State warns it has sleeper cells in the West, raises the stakes with beheading of American”

  1. My statement about Muslims is coming true!
    They are going to cause a World War. Somehow, this group thinks it can win such a war.
    At some point in time the entire religious group will become suspect.
    That means that everyone in that religious group will be imprisoned, possibly in FEMA camps here in this country.
    Britain imported a large Muslim population from countries like India and Pakistan. Not sure what British Commonwealth Nations were involved. They came in and took over a lot of menial jobs in Britain. Sometimes 23 people were all in a small apartment at one time, sleeping in shifts. So now Britain is reaping what it sowed. The problem being that many are citizens and have access to passports that are good world wide.
    Many appear to be good citizens with no love of violence. But all of that can change in a very little amount of time and when it does, Britain has some very hard decisions to make concerning those of this religious belief.
    Do they deport them? Or do they go after individuals that have turned bad?
    I think they need to deport the entire group to where they came from. Because that is the only semi-secure thing that will work. The difficulty is it means the innocent have to go with the guilty.
    I think this country needs to do the same thing. Do not see it happening before tragic events make it the only alternative.
    I think ISIS wants a blood bath. They are hungery for it. If it comes down to that, the blood shed might be their own.

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