“Human Ponies” Gather For The Beginning Of The “Pony Play Festival” In New Orleans – Please Tell Me This Isn’t Happening In Our Country

Please be warned that this piece of news might make you want to throw up in your mouth.

Down in New Orleans, people that like to dress up and be treated like ponies are gathering for the big “pony play festival” in New Orleans, Louisiana…

Ever feel the burning desire to don a leather horse outfit and let a human handler parade you around like an actual horse, all for the purposes of living out BDSM sexual fantasies?

“These events are very competitive, just like a regular horse show event,” says one of the participants. “The competition gets pretty crazy sometimes,” he says, before explaining “When ponies put on their gear, it puts them into what they call ‘pony space.’”

Our founders have got to be rolling over in their graves.

If you want to learn more about this disturbing new phenomenon, you can find a video report right here.