‘I simply saw a man who needed some help’: Humble black officer photographed helping man in swastika shirt at KKK rally opens up on that viral picture

Photo posted on Twitter by RodGodfrey

The black police chief photographed helping a man who was wearing a swastika shirt at a South Carolina rally on Saturday has given a new interview about that day.

Leroy Smith, the director of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, said of assisting the man who was suffering from heatstroke; ‘I saw a man who needed some help, and I was going to help him.’

He then said added that he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the response to the photograph, and brushed aside compliments, saying; ‘I can’t overstate how proud I am of law enforcement officers who put their lives in peril to maintain order.’

As for what it felt like on that day, Smith said; ‘You could feel the tension in the air as the crowd started to swell.’

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