Illegal Immigrants Bankrupting Small Towns in Border States

Illegal Immigration Holding Center

Small towns and counties in states bordering Mexico are drowning in debt due to the swarm of illegals stealing and destroying property, requiring expensive medical care and needing proper burials, all of which the federal government has largely refused to pay for.

For example, in Brooks Co., Texas, which is 75 miles north of the Mexican border, county judge Raul M. Ramirez told Infowars that autopsies of dead illegal aliens are rapidly draining his county’s resources which were already meager after the oil & gas industry left town.

“It was the loss of oil & gas revenue, compounded with the amount that we spend dealing with autopsies, wear and tear of [county] vehicles, the sheriff’s department, the JPs [Justices of the Peace], the magistrates, death certificates, all the paperwork that’s entailed and getting out to areas that are very, very remote,” he said. “I personally have been taken to pronounce a body [of an illegal immigrant dead] when the sheriff’s officer said ‘oh, there went the transmission’ and we had to call a wrecker to come get us.”

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1 thought on “Illegal Immigrants Bankrupting Small Towns in Border States”

  1. Round them all up and put them to work. Feed them, clothe them, and house them in barracks.
    Do away with any contact with the welfare system for anyone that is not a citizen of this country.

    We have a duty to be humane. We do not have a duty to support parasites.
    We, as a nation, have enough of our own parasites, We do not need more. So put them to work. Even if it is 4 hours a day they can all earn their food and whatever else they need.
    I suggest also that we take inventory of the talents of this group of people. There have to be people in this group with trades. Those trades are a benefit to our country. They are also people we should make eligible to stay.
    I have often thought that our entire education system needs a major revision. It isn’t just these people that need retraining. It is everyone out there without a job.

    We need one chief and 100 Indians. The trouble is we are creating a nation of Chiefs and no Indians.
    That is what higher education seems to be all about in today’s world. College for everyone. This started with a program put out by the U.S. Military after World War II. No officer in the U.S. Military was supposed to be without a college degree. Businesses decided ME TOO! So now in order to get a decent middle management job you have to have some kind of college degree.
    This was reversed in the mid 60s by Strategic Air Command under General LeMay. He got fed up with a bunch of ignorant officers running around with all the education in the world and no practical experience to run things. So he took his Non-commissioned officers and made them Warrant Officers W-1 thru 4. They ran the Strategic Air Command for him. Gave the officers some of the experience they needed to learn. These regular officers were not stupid. Just inexperienced.
    Industry could learn a lot from their lower ranking experienced people combined with the educated ranks. But that is unlikely to happen. I have seen a lot of Corporate stupidity in a lifetime of working in my field.
    I suggest that no real upper management should ever get there without a lot of practical experience in the company he or she works for.
    The immigrants are like any other group we have taken in over the years. There is a resource of talent here we can use. But I suggest we need to do it legitimately.
    I suggest the real losers here are the immigrants because they cannot get a legitimate job with good wages as long as they are illegal.
    I suggest the people hiring them are in violation of about a dozen different laws and are slapped on the hand in the south. It is being winked at. Those people need to be in jail.

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