Iraq crisis: Satellite images appear to show ISIS execution sites

ISIS In Iraq

(YouTube) An analysis of photographs and satellite imagery appears to show that ISIS conducted mass executions in Tikrit in Iraq. After seizing control of the city, northwest of Baghdad, the analysis suggests that ISIS killed up to 190 men in at least two locations between June the 11th and 14th. On June 14th, ISIS posted around 60 photographs, some of which show masked ISIS fighters loading men in civilian clothes onto trucks and forcing them to lie in trenches with their hands bound behind their backs. Some of the images show masked gunmen pointing and firing their weapons at these men. By comparing ground features and landmarks in the photographs released, Human Rights Watch has established that two of the trenches were at the same location. By comparing these photographs with satellite imagery from 2013 and photographs taken earlier, Human Rights Watch located the site about 100 meters north of the Water Palace in Tikrit — a former palace of Saddam Hussein – next to a river. The location of the third trench has not been identified. The imagery does not reveal evidence of bodies at the site with the two trenches, but does show indications of recent vehicle activity and surface movement of earth that is consistent with the two shallow trenches visible in the ISIS photos. Without visiting the site it is impossible to know if bodies are buried there or were moved.