Is this interactive tattoo the future of ‘wearable’ technology?

Tattoo - Photo by kgberger

The folks at NewDealDesign, the San Francisco-based design company behind the Fitbit Force wellness watch, drafted a mock-up of the tattoo for Fast Company’s Wearables Week.

They called it ‘Project Underskin.’

The foundation of Underskin would be a visible tattoo implanted in the knuckle of the thumb and a larger, invisible tattoo implanted in the palm, according to Fast Company.

The tattoo would interact with everything the consumer touches and would recognize the consumer’s location as well as movements within the body.

The sub-dermal tattoo will run off of the body’s electro-chemical energy and will have the ability to monitor blood sugar, exchange information through a simple handshake, unlock front doors, protect credit card information by allowing use only when the card is in the owner’s hand, glow when holding hands with a loved one and more, according to Jaeha Yoo, Director of Experience Design at NDD.

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