ISIS Map Reveals Global Conquest Ambitions

ISIS Global Conquest Map

According to a world map released by ISIS, the radical jihadist organization plans to conquer the entire Middle East (including Israel), almost all of North Africa, Pakistan, India and much of southeast Asia.  In essence, ISIS intends to rule over a caliphate that includes almost all of the nations that are either Islamic or used to be Islamic on the face of the Earth.

And of course why stop there?  Surely ISIS will not be satisfied until the entire globe is under their control and sharia law is imposed on all of us.  Many of us in the western world may laugh at the global conquest ambitions of ISIS, but for those already living under their brutal rules it is no laughing matter whatsoever.

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  1. As I have mentioned before, this is the start of a World War. It does not have to be.
    And I have no doubt that destroying Israel is part of that plan.
    The question is not what WE are going to have to do about it.
    The question is what are ALL the nations of the world going to do about it?
    This does not effect China or Russia or us tomorrow. But down the road, it will effect all of us one way or another.
    I suggest we divide the region between the major powers and destroy the entire ISIS in the process.
    They are taking the policy of leave nothing behind. Kill everything and everybody.
    Is that the way they want it? Then perhaps we also should take the same policy towards them and leave nothing behind that is ISIS for anyone to re-establish this bunch of murderous thieves hiding behind a major religion. It would not be the first time that a region has been depopulated entirely.
    There is talk of going to war with us on our own soil with the use of Nuclear Weapons smuggled into our cities. That is entirely possible. But I submit they can do the same thing to any city on the planet if they do it here. Think about that a while Russia and China.

    When and if that happens, the entire Moslem population of the world should beware. Because at that point in time, the very first time some idiot does something like that, the entire world will be terrorized. And that means there will be people out there scared for their families and their lives willing and able to destroy the entire population of the Moslem world. Not just this radical group, everyone in that group that is painted with the same brush as they are. And this group is painting a uniform on every Moslem out there with their actions against other major religions and other peoples that do not believe the same way they do. If you are not a radical, thieving, murderous person but are a Moslem, think about that a little while. Because what they are doing will effect everyone forever. And the actions that they take now, will bring a reaction world wide that no one has a stomach for right now. But they will …

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