Jim Willie: The Shemitah – Currency Reset to Devalue Dollar by 80 Percent

Stock Market Collapse - Public Domain

The Shemitah is a biblical cycle that predicts an economic downturn of crisis that has been occuring in recent history every 7 years, according to the author Jonathan Cahn of “The Harbinger.” 

An article by Michael Snyder outlines its premises here.  It not only appears anecdotally sound, but a great mathematical mind has now noticed it, and has done his mathematical calculation on the odds of its natural occurence. In an interview with Perpetual Assets on Feb.2, 2105, Jim Willie says:

The odds of the Shemitah cycle being random is 61.8 Billion to one, according to my math. I believe the the crisis in 2015 is going to be worse than the Lehman Brothers in 2008.  It will be the year the dollar faces its death, and I say it has already begun. The nations of the world will SCREAM for something to replace the dollar as the standard. The goal for this currency reset is for a total of 80% devaluation.

“There’s a cycle that’s been going on and it’s remarkable. Every 7 years there’s a big financial crisis. On 2008 there was that financial crash and before that it was 9-11 in 2001 and the ensuing Patriot Act. Before that, in 1994 it was the Mexican peso. In 1987, it was “Black Monday.” In 1980 it was the Hunt Brothers, when gold and silver peaked. In 1973 was the Arab Oil Embargo.Let’s just stop there because I struggled to find what happened in 1966. So, we are due for a crisis in 2015 and I say it has already begun. Being a probability guru, my colleagues put forth a question. What is the probability of it happening every 7 years?

We have 7. Let’s say 49 years, and let’s say these are “urns and ball.” If I’m going to toss seven crisis (balls) into 49 years (urns), what’s the probability that I got one in different 7 year urns?

My math says it’s 61.8 Billion to one. Do you think these 7 year cycles are accidental? You cannot say that this cycle is merely a credit cycle. What we’re getting is not a wave, it is an increasing “sign wave.” Meaning each crisis is getting bigger. The Lehman Brothers event was bigger than in 2001.

This whole thing got kicked off in 1973 when the Arab Oil Embargo was “suggested by Henry Kissinger.” He said to double or triple the oil price and these oil companies will have windfall profits. You Arab nations, and you, Iran, will have an opportunity for lots and lots of money in your coffers and royal families and to buy American weapons. It was authored by the Rockefeller family, using Kissinger as their agent.

These crises are getting worse and I believe the crisis in 2015 is going to be worse than the Lehman Brothers in 2008.

It will be the year the dollar faces its death, the petrodollar goes away and nations of the world SCREAM for something to replace the dollar as the standard. The standard will be gold and the Remnimbi currency.

The Strong Dollar is NOT Good for the US Economy

It means that all the US stocks and property are now more expensive to the foreign investor. All the cars we make, the price is going to be much higher. We have just locked down our economy. Then the Manchurian Candidate with 2 Social Security numbers says he wants a bigger budget because we’ve got a stronger economy. He forgot to read the press briefing because he was playing golf!

According to my calculations the US GDP numbers are not 2% growth, but a 2-4% recession. About  5 OR 10 years ago, they do a top-down calculation, and doctor the whole darn thing with inflation and use the defense spending and add it to the GDP.

They are calling the inflation “growth”. We had a -3 for durable goods number for the month of December. They are going to be blaming it again on the weather.

We talk about these events and the “quickening.” In my graduate program in statistics, and I am pretty good in about 5 fields, and one of the fields in statistics was called “biometric or survival analysis.” There is a metric that we used in quality control at my first job. It was the “time between system failures.” We wanted stability, not an acceleration between events, as it meant that there is a big problem.

What we are seeing is a shorter time between events, a “quickening.” There is an increased pace of breakdown events happening in the economy. The reason is QE. It is killing the whole US and western economy  It kills capital, and accelerates outsourcing. And they call it stimulus.

There are 25 major nations, like Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France, working with China to settle in RMB (remninbi). There are over 100 BRICS alliance nations, which have signed an agreement to settle in something outside of the dollar. Now it’s creating a critical mass, and becoming obvious, and clear that the dollar is not going to rule the roost.

The American citizens don’t see this.  The masses in other countries are aware of this. Americans are getting distracted by things like Ferguson, Missouri.

I think money in the banking system is going to have some sort of forced conversion. Regarding the new dollar, insiders say it is going to take a 30% whack initially. Now I’m hearing the “Treasury Note” for the new name of the new dollar.

It will require a sequence of about 5 de-evaluations until balance is achieved. If we need to attract foreign buyers for our government debt,  then we have to discount our currency. What I’m hearing is the goal for this currency reset is  for a total of 80% devaluation.

That’s what’s coming and not being told to the sheep. This means a 400% increase in everything being imported. Then there will be questions like – Will their home loans be remaining in the old dollars?

They are going to see their debt amounts go up so much that they will default on them.  When it finally happens it will give the ability of the the bankers to seize the assets from these defaults. It is not going to end well.

Article authored by Carol Serpa. You can find the original story right here.