Law Enforcement Firm: Nobody Will Complain About Militarized Police When ISIS Attacks

Police State

A company that provides video training programs for law enforcement has caused controversy by suggesting that nobody will complain about militarized police in America or examples of police brutality when the ISIS insurgent group “comes a calling.”

A Facebook post by In the Line of Duty even goes so far as to imply that outrage over a recent incident where a 2-year-old had a hole blown open in his chest as a result of a flashbang grenade thrown by SWAT police will disappear once ISIS terrorists enter the United States.

“When this ‘militarization’ of lea’s (Law Enforcement Agencies) affects infants like Bou Bou, the public’s going to be righteously outraged. But, someday, when ISIS comes a calling, who will be complaining then?,” states the Facebook post, which links to a Guardian article about how police departments in the U.S. are becoming increasingly militarized.

ISIS is the insurgent group (aided in part by the Obama administration’s support for radical jihadists in Syria), that recently took control of key cities in Iraq and has been blamed for a number of atrocities.

“Bou Bou” is a reference to the victim of a harrowing recent incident during which a SWAT team member threw a flashbang grenade into the toddler’s crib while conducting an armed raid on a house just outside of Atlanta.

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