Midwife-turned-sex coach raised in Christian family reveals she has been ‘released’ after sex with 100 lovers… with 8 on the go right now

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Women should embrace numerous sexual partners instead of channeling their energy into finding ‘the one’, a new book advises.

Sex coach and midwife Lauren Brim, 31, grew up in a Christian family in Orange County, California, which taught sex is sacred in marriage.

It is global a social construct, she says, built to wound women sexually.

Now, with eight partners on the go and about 100 under her belt, LA-based Brim insists she has been enlightened.

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8 thoughts on “Midwife-turned-sex coach raised in Christian family reveals she has been ‘released’ after sex with 100 lovers… with 8 on the go right now”

  1. What’s going on is that she’s heavily demonized with strongholds of sexual lust. Giving herself up sexually to that many people has…opened her up to a tragic level of demonization.

    What’s happened to her is very sad. She’s in peril, and urgently, urgently needs a deliverance.

  2. “In her recently-released book, The New Rules Of Sex, Brim describes her colorful catalogue of sexual experiences – sex with exes, with women, with numerous people at once, in all manner of unusual locations.”

    Good grief.

  3. I agree. If she saw the true form of just one of them (I do believe she has multiple)–she’d sprint back toward the Cross in repentance faster than Usian Bolt.

    • Devil’s Advocate Moment:

      She does make a very valid point: Love and Physical Relations should not be confused. How many young women today do just that? I know several! They all think that if they “hook up” with this one or that one, he’ll love them. That’s never the case!!! Love and trust are built thru communication. There isn’t a whole lot of communicating going on while “physically engaged”, so to speak. Physical relations are the culmination of Love. Not so much in today’s world but it is… It also doesn’t help that “I love you” is a phrase easily passed about among young folks today.

      Back to myself:

      I honestly see no problem with her writing a book of doing whomever she chooses. Whatever this woman does is between her and God. WE are not to judge her because we don’t know how she came to this “conclusion” of sorts. “Don’t judge unless you are prepared to be judged!” Because by the rules you use to judge others, so shall you be judged…

      Instead of jumping on the Fingerpointing Express, how many of you who claim Christ got down on your knees and
      prayed for her to be drawn back to Him? I would dare say none of you. How dare you condemn her when you are as guilty of sin as she!!! A fine lot of Christians you are, to be sure… It’s attitudes from Christians like you that have caused me to leave organized religion behind.

      Now, go pray for forgiveness, pull the log out of your own eye and ask God to convict her of her sin so that she can be drawn back to Him.

  4. Come visit this skank when she is 42, single, and can’t find anyone willing to touch her with a ten foot pole. Let’s say she lives another 40 years. That’s half your life, empty, alone, and spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. Yeah, they never show you the elderly bitter Maureen Dowds of the world who lived an empty selfish life all for the sake of a few romps in the hay. She’s set herself up for a life of loneliness and misery. Schadenfreude.

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