18 States Are Considering Plans To Tax Us For Each Mile That We Drive

Rush hour traffic on I-66 westbound - Public Domain

Why is the mainstream media floating the idea of a plan to tax us by the mile?  We are already being taxed into oblivion.  Taxing us for every mile that we drive is extremely unpopular with the American people, and yet 18 states are already considering such a plan, and news reports such as the following are showing up during local news broadcasts all over the nation…

6 thoughts on “18 States Are Considering Plans To Tax Us For Each Mile That We Drive”

    • It never ends… There’s at least two things you can expect from lawmakers: 1) They’ll vote for us new taxes. 2) They’ll vote for themselves new raises.

      • It is true. They are always figuring out new ways to get even more money out of all of us.

  1. I think I would like names.
    That is the only way to stop all of this activity cold.
    DId you know that (name here) is voting to increase your taxes for every mile you drive in this (name the state) legislature?
    I think that is a great piece of information for the opposition to spread around at about 2 days before the election.

  2. Without honest elections, none of this will mean a thing. I suggest registered voters need to provide valid ID like a current utility bill and driver’s license when they go to vote. I would also suggest adequate security to arrest anyone that attempts to bypass the election process.
    People that are actually dead? People that try to vote twice? But we all know the party from which this comes from, don’t we?
    I not only want honest elections I want the people that try to make dishonest elections put in jail.
    Now that is an unrealistic goal if it is coming from the people in office at the time.

  3. Forget about leaving your home for work, it will become too expensive! The middle class is going broke!

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