Naked Man Accused Of Raping Pit Bull In Neighbor’s Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him

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A naked man is accused of raping a pit bull in his neighbor’s yard.

Alice Woodruff told WTNH-TV that she confronted her neighbor at gunpoint while he was performing sex acts on her rescue pit bull that is kept on an 800-pound tow chain in her backyard.

“I thought my dog had killed somebody because I saw a man underneath her,” Woodruff explained to WTNH. “I started to scream. I had a citronella candle and I threw it at him, screaming ‘get off my dog, you have to get out of here.’ He said, ‘No, today is the day we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.’”

Woodruff said the man appeared mentally ill as he was telling her that the terror group ISIS sent him.

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1 thought on “Naked Man Accused Of Raping Pit Bull In Neighbor’s Yard, Says ISIS Sent Him”

  1. I don’t feel we should charge him at all. He is obviously mentally ill. I think we do need to check the dog for a veneral disease.
    He says he belongs to ISIS? Why not send him back to ISIS as a present?
    Wonder how long he would live after attempting to rape a camel?
    That part of the world tends to put people in a special category that are mentally ill. It is forbidden to hurt them.
    Rather they go after innocent people instead.
    You need to keep the ammunition a little bit closer to home where you can get to it more easily.

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