New Polls: Donald Trump trounces GOP field, Biden leads general election match-ups

Donald Trump

Vice President Joe Biden fares better against top GOP candidates in hypothetical general election match-ups than Hillary Clinton, according to a new national survey.

The Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows Donald Trump smashing the GOP presidential competition garnering 28% support from registered Republican voters in the 17-member field. The real estate mogul’s closest competitor is retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who tallies 12%.

Just 7% said they would vote for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a record low since November 2013.

Those results show just how far both Trump — now the Republican front-runner — and Bush — the old one — have come. Bush led national polls for much of the first half of 2015, but was quickly dislodged by Trump, after he announced his presidential ambitions this June.

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4 thoughts on “New Polls: Donald Trump trounces GOP field, Biden leads general election match-ups”

  1. Donald Trump’s success at the polls indicates to me one thing. He is alive and kicking and is likely to actually become a Republican Candidate for President!
    Unless the leaders of the Republican Party forget the rules and play unfair.
    Which I expect them to do.
    We are not looking at political parties any more. We are looking at political machines.
    And it crosses party lines very easily as we have found in some recent votes.
    Planned Parenthood funding is one of those votes.
    Even as we comment I suspect deals going under the table to keep Planned Parenthood funded.
    The other party is planning to run Joe Biden? The same Joe Biden that everyone was scared would become President if Obama was impeached just six months ago. How the world has changed in just a little time . . . Please do not get me wrong. I think our Vice is a genuinely very nice person. I do not see the predator instinct necessary to run a country. Rather I see a man that is following a very strong leader. He is the perfect Beta to a strong Alpha which does make a good team for them. He is not presidential material.
    What Mr. Trump needs right now is a good set of advisers. Those advisers better be good sales people in handling this man.
    That means they have to sell a position on various issues that they can make Donald Trump believe is best. Mr. Trump has also shown a certain amount of stubborn behavior. So selling him on what he should do is not something that is easy to do.
    Do not overlook the possibility that the Political Machine might turn criminal in its attempt to overwhelm this candidate.
    His best hope is that the powers that be see him as a person likely to succeed in bringing this country back to its feet economically thus saving them trillions of dollars in a lost economy. If he can turn the real people in charge of this country around to his becoming President then he will actually make it.
    Much of what he does say is right on the number. Lack of negotiation skills of the people in charge is one prime point.
    Stemming the damage these people have all ready done is another.
    Judging by the candidate list on the Democrat side they do not expect to win an election for President.
    So the one that takes the Republican Nomination is likely to succeed if the image sells the American Public on that man.

  2. I think we need to look at the future.
    Who is going to be the Vice President if this campaign succeeds.
    Because one of the mistakes made with electing people is choosing a vice that is not capable of running things.
    This was a huge mistake when Jack Kennedy got shot and killed.
    It is a huge mistake right now with Joe Biden as Vice.
    Joe reminds me of other people that have been Vice.
    Jimmy Carter comes to mind as a President out of his welter weight.
    Ronald Reagan putting Bush in as Vice.
    The man later became President.
    The image I get with Joe Biden is one of a person that is not decisive. That is not someone I need being President.
    The ideal candidate for Vice is probably Ted Cruz. But it could easily be Dr. Ben Carson.
    Mr. Trump talks often about winners and losers in office.
    It seems to be a philosophy of his entire campaign to win.
    Every successful person that has come up from the bottom is a loser. Time and time again they lose. But they learn from their losses until they hit the right method to become rich. Losing sometimes is winning from the standpoint that you learn something from losing.
    Dr. Ben Carson impresses me as a diplomat. That is a huge asset for a campaign. That he happens to be not white will bring in a lot of votes. I think he shows incredible intelligence in a field where that is not put at a premium.
    The other thing is who do you hire to actually do the job in the background? Hiring the right people is critical to getting the job done right.
    It cannot be a political process anymore. It has to be because the person is the best person for the job.
    Trump is likely to hire the best people available. He is also likely to fire them if they screw up.
    Donald Trump will be judged by the people he hires.

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