New York’s Highest Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Incest ‘Marriage’ Between Uncle and Niece

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New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, has ruled that a marriage between a half-uncle and a half-niece is legal in a unanimous court decision.

According to the ruling, while “parent-child and brother-sister marriages . . . are grounded in the almost universal horror with which such marriages are viewed . . . there is no comparably strong objection to uncle-niece marriages.”

The case revolved around a 34-year-old Vietnamese citizen Huyen Nguyen, 34, who appealed to a ruling by an immigration judge declaring that her marriage in 2000 in Rochester was invalid. This ruling would have resulted to her deportation from the United States. Her husband, Vu Truong, 38, was her mother’s half-brother. According to the couple’s lawyer, Michael Marscalkowski, the case was not done for immigration purposes.

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1 thought on “New York’s Highest Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Incest ‘Marriage’ Between Uncle and Niece”

  1. So the marriage of Abraham to his half sister was a problem for these people? I think there might be some ignorance of what the significance of Uncle and Niece marriage was about in the Orient and Northern Africa.
    The Egyptians were masters of genetics. They are rumored to have started most of the domesticated population of farm animals in the current world. That includes cats, dogs, horses, etc.
    What they were doing in ancient Egypt was breeding their slaves as well. But they did not stop there. They were breeding their top leaders.
    They would breed the daughter with her uncle. The idea being that 2/3rds of the children were defective. The other third that survived were into very dominant traits. They did this for generations. The result was a different breed of human being. One that was capable of leading the nation of Egypt. I think they were breeding to make a superior genetic breed of human back then.
    We think we are so smart. Yet time and time again we see evidence that people in the ancient world knew a whole lot more than our scientists assumed that they knew.
    Those Pyramids are examples of really sophisticated engineering. Yet no one really knows how they did it.
    The fact that Abraham and his wife had a child way beyond the age in which we in the modern world think that is possible.
    The fact that Abraham had a child by his wife’s Egyptian Maid.
    That the people descendents of those matings rule nations.
    There are secrets of genetics out there that I think the scientists have no idea how they worked. I am sure that the Uncle bred to his brother’s child is only one ancient trick of genetics.
    Something scared those ancient Egyptian people. They were so scared that they destroyed almost an entire generation of slaves because of what their scientists predicted would be born. Does anyone have any idea how expensive that was? The person that escaped as a baby from being killed was a genius level individual with many talents. I speak of Moses.
    They had a slave empire based on the slaves having trade skills. Those trade skills meant that most of the service trades were built on this economic slaves. Each one of these trained personnel were extremely valuable at the time to the Egyptians that owned them.
    So breeding the perfect slave made them very valuable property.
    They did it by breeding very close to the family line in a manner that breed out the harmful recessives. They did that for well over 350-400 years. I am not saying that mating with people close to the family line is a good thing. I am simply stating that the “facts” might be a little bit off. I am saying we do not know enough to understand what the results might be. So people mating closer than normal to the family line might produce a lot of defective people or it could by chance produce something entirely different.
    One of the reasons that this country has the talented people that they have is a result of a lot of people breeding way too close to the family line in Europe and England. When they came to this country they started cross breeding with other family lines that had also bred too close the family tree. The result was a hybrid people that ended up with talents and skills way beyond the norm. These people were often genius level.
    This is occurring to this day. I am from English and Scottish families. Her original family was from Germany. All three boys we had are extremely talented individuals.
    My current wife and I are beyond the age of child bearing. But she has a Prussian family background several generations back.
    This is fairly common in this country. The result is often near genius level kids. If we had been younger when we married, I am sure that genius level children would have occurred.
    What I am saying here is that there is a historical basis for some foreign nations to have approved of these relationships.

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