Planned Parenthood Tells Underage Girl to Experiment With Whips, Asphyxiation

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Pro-life group Live Action released its second undercover video Tuesday, titled, “Sexed: Planned Parenthood’s Dangerous Advice for Kids,” which shows a counselor advising an underage girl to go to a sex shop as she describes how to start experimenting with bondage and the various fetishes people have.

Even though it is against municipal law for a minor to enter a sex store, according to Live Action, the Planned Parenthood counselor tells the undercover 15-year-old that there are “tons of sex shops around here” that she and her boyfriend can visit in order to try different sex acts.

The counselor is also seen advising the young girl to come up with a safe word as she experiments with BDSM sex, which is described as: bondage and discipline/dominance and submission/sadism and masochism. A safe word is used to let the partner know that the sexual act is hurting them.

3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Tells Underage Girl to Experiment With Whips, Asphyxiation”

    • It is true.

      And why does the federal government give millions upon millions of dollars to this organization every year?

  1. There is what the government says it is, and then there is the actions they take.
    Might take a peek at the lives of the people in charge of the government if you want to know what they are really all about. That is the real reason things are the way they are.

    The problem is that human relationships are very complex and intense. The emotions involved are not always straight forward and nice. The person “educating these minors” was out of line.

    Ask any police officer what the worst assignment for an officer is. It is going out on a domestic violence case. You have to take at least two officers. Why? Because the complaining woman may turn on you. Routinely police officers arrest the violent party. Then they have to make sure the complaining party does not attack them.
    Chances are the woman complains and then will withdraw the complaint. That happens over and over again.
    To complicate matters, the jurisdiction between men and women in a modern world is often different than it was in another time. Men used to be in charge of their homes. That is not necessarily true today. It certainly isn’t true in a divorce court as many a man can describe.

    This dominance battle is well described in a number of books.

    In an ideal relationship, the two people have worked out a balance between them. When that balance becomes 85/15%. Then the party that is contributing the least is most likely to leave and blame the party contributing the most.
    The Bible describes a relationship where the man is the leader in the home. It also says that a wise man listens very closely to the council of his wife and acts accordingly.
    Children often copy the mannerisms and behavior of their parents. That is where a lot of this behavior comes from.

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