Pope’s Astronomer Guy Consolmagno Says ‘Aliens Exist’

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The astronomer of Pope Francis has said he believes there is life beyond Earth.

Brother Guy Consolmagno, president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, made the comment in the booklet Would You Baptise an Extraterrestrial?, which he wrote with astronomer Father Paul Muller.

Consolmagno, who is the keeper of the Pope’s meteorite collection, said he would be happy to baptize extraterrestrial creatures if they wanted the blessing. He added the presence of extraterrestrial life, “does not disprove the existence of God”.

Instead, the discovery of “tentacled horrors from the void” should lead people to question what being human means. “When we say human, human as compared to what?” he asked.

In a 2010 statement, Consolmagno said that “all entities – despite how many tentacles they might have – have a soul”.

In the booklet, Consolmagno tries also to answer important questions, such as, “Should the Church send out missionaries to alien planets?”, “What’s going to happen when the world ends?” and “Do extraterrestrials have their own version of Jesus?”

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2 thoughts on “Pope’s Astronomer Guy Consolmagno Says ‘Aliens Exist’”

  1. A[[ part of the END TIMES DELUSION…….the aliens are demons and the church is deceived. Consolmagno wants to baptize creatures with no soul. Maranatha

  2. If there is life in the Universe?
    With the vast distances involved, the huge number of stars and planets out there, how could anyone think that we are unique? Of course there is life out there.
    The question is really why haven’t we been contacted by such life?
    Or have we?
    The real questions need to be a little bit narrower. Such as are we in quarantine?
    If there is life out there, how closely does it resemble life here on Earth. For instance, does it follow the same pattern as life here with Chromosomes and DNA. Is there enough of a common origin to life that it is possible for that life to mix and breed with our life forms here?
    It is a legitimate question based on records all over this planet of so called “gods” that came here to live and be worshipped by mankind. There are records indicating demigods that were born from a relationship between their males and our females. But that is just one group of aliens we have records of from the very ancient past. No one knows for sure whether or not those so called “aliens” were originally from here or some place else.
    Are they compatible enough to eat our foods?
    If so, what foods are poison to their species and what can we share with them?
    Do they breathe our atmosphere and our germs without a conflict?
    We are not individual beings so much as an entire group of life forms interacting with one another in the form of microscopic bacteria that are necessary for our continued survival.
    How long do these aliens live? The ones that lived on this planet had extremely long lifespans according to the various records. Those include records from a number of various sources including the Bible, India, China, Japan, South America, North America, and others.
    The implication in the Bible is we were redesigned and created by these “gods” in their own image.
    The implication of our flesh is that we were redesigned from something else by the fact that we have 46 chromosomes instead of 48 that is normal for creatures closely related to us biologically. Meaning creatures separated from us by millions of years. The ape family and the pig family both have similar chromes to us. The ape family has 48 normal sized chromosomes. We have two chromosomes that are double the size of the rest and reproduce 46 chromosomes instead of 48.
    As a species we have over 400 genetic diseases that inflict mankind. That is certainly way too many for it to be natural selection.
    The God I worship was not human. But Jesus Christ had every indication of being human and god.
    The implication of the Holy Spirit is another thing. Where does the Holy Spirit come from?
    The obvious answer is that the Universe is joined with another on a level we cannot perceive in our current form.
    I have a genetic disease of my own. It is called lazy eye. Instead of going cross-eyed at a tender age, my brain rejects the vision from the weaker eye and uses the vision from the stronger eye.
    This gives me 20/400 vision on one side and 20/15 on the other. I think we all have this affliction of the senses. Only we reject the vision that allows us to see the Universe co-enjoined with our own.
    The senses we have see this universe alone. Occasionally those senses are blocked and we then see this other universe in its place. When something blocks the vision of my good eye, the lazy eye does take over and I see out of that eye.
    So the question of a soul is where does it exist? IS it part of this other universe that we cannot see? When the body is destroyed and no longer holds life, does the soul that is attached to a human being go to this other universe attached to our own under the rule of the Holy Spirit?
    This is all conjecture on my part. I am asking questions not giving answers I have no answer or evidence for.
    The problem is that we have preset notions of what is and what is not. The aliens we are talking about might have an entirely different set of notions as to how the universe is put together.
    The so called angels and demons might be the gods of our ancient past under the rule of God, defined as Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of the universe of space and time.
    We simply do not know. By definition, to me at least, God is the life form that created the entire Universe and dictates what the rules of that Universe are. That is one powerful God we have.
    The interaction between us any other intelligent life forms is likely to be a huge disruption in our own belief systems. Look at what happened with the Roman Catholic Church after 1492 A,D.
    Look at the heretical belief system of the South American Indians and the reaction of the church to the written literature of the civilization of the new world. They destroyed a lot of books because it did conflict drastically with their own belief system. It was determined that this controversy of the Indian belief systems would harm the Catholic Church. So those “books” were destroyed.
    The Bible itself is not complete by any means. Anything that indicated that the Earth was not flat and the center of the Universe was like-wise not put in the Bible. That we are a small and somewhat insignificant planet in the Universe was not a notion the original church wanted to hear.
    That we rotated around a star was also not to be a notion the original church wanted to hear.
    Those people were quite violent in their opposition to new notions of what originally happened.
    I question whether or not a leopard can change it’s spots.
    Because in the modern world, we have an entirely different set of notions coming about. Some are true, some are false. The limits of our knowledge is expanding at a very large rate of speed. The concept of the atom, the ultra small, the huge universe, the age of said universe, and various theories of science wanting to define it, are all notions foreign to another age.
    Contact with any alien species might have serious ramifications to a lot of belief systems on this planet including the Muslims, The Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant movement, and even people in foreign religions such as the Hindu Faith. Some of which are very violently opposed to anything that does not fit into their belief systems.
    So the real question is how will this effect all of us when we do make contact with various aliens obviously more technically advanced than our selves? If I were them, I think I would stay away too.

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