Prophetic Dream Warns of 9.5 Earthquake in United States


(By Elizabeth Marie) In November 2016, I dreamed I was with a bunch a people and somehow I knew we were in the southern part of the U.S.A. We were all standing outside, almost frozen with fear as we waited.

There had been a HUGE earthquake in the north and we were all filled with dread knowing we were about to feel its effects. It seemed like we were to be the last location that was going feel it coming. I told everyone to hang on.

Then, all of a sudden, while waiting for this earthquake to happen, I had a vision within the dream. I saw an outline map of America. I didn’t see the state lines, but only the outline of the U.S. Then, the map zoomed to where the earthquake started and I saw a black dot pulsating on the epicenter. The dot was in the upper part of the middle of the country, however, I wasn’t sure of which state. It seemed higher than the New Madrid fault. Then I saw ‘9.5’ indicating the level on the Richter Scale. I was not given any dates or timing.

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