Red Heifer Discovered In U.S. To Be Sent To Israel To Purify Coming Third Jewish Temple

Second Temple - Photo by Ariely

There is a group in Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem called the Temple Institute.  For the past 27 years they have worked tirelessly to fashion all the items that will be needed to for worship in the Third Jewish Temple.  It is a painstakingly-slow job but one that they have accomplished.  One missing ingredient, however, was a perfect, unblemished red heifer as found in Numbers 19 whose ashes would be used in a purification cleansing ritual for the Temple.  For the entire time that the Temple stood in Israel, a total of nine red heifers were used.  Jews believe that the appearance of a perfect red heifer would usher in the appearance of the long-awaited Messiah. The 10th red heifer has been found in America, and preparations are now underway to bring the animal to Israel.

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2 thoughts on “Red Heifer Discovered In U.S. To Be Sent To Israel To Purify Coming Third Jewish Temple”

  1. The Jews of the Old Testament believed in magic. Their magic was a perfect sacrifice life exchanged with the death for what they wanted. It worked! How it worked is another matter.
    We, are much wiser, right? Magic is simply principles of physics unknown to the modern world.
    How many here can explain the intricate workings of capacitors, resistors, transistors, that make up a modern LCD screen? They are founded in basic electronic engineering!
    We take all of this for granted without any clue as to how it really works.
    I submit that they are going to release this technology on the world and it will not be good.
    In this Universe, while in this small pond we are at the top, we are definitely not the top of the food chain in the whole Universe.
    The most likely outcome is it will release something no one needs to confront. Something that feeds on us.
    The universe is so large that we cannot even conceive in our minds just how large it is. The universe is so old, that we have no real idea how old it is and the God that created it. Current guesses make the solar sysem about 4.5 billion years old. The Universe is at least 14 billion years old. The numbers do not add up. The universe is much larger than that. If it is 100 billion light years across, how can it only be 14 billion years old? We do not even have a stable number on jjust how big the whole thing is.
    My point is we are dealing with things that we do not understand. Both the Jews and us are playing with fire of an extent no one realises. I suggest it should not be done.

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