Robber Beats Up Grandma For Purse As Shoppers Stand by And Watch

A Fort Worth grandma was robbed and beaten in broad daylight while onlookers recorded the incident with cell phones.

“This woman comes up and she said I want your purse, and I said ‘No!’” Inga Evans recalled.

It didn’t stop there. It all happened Friday at the Walmart on Berry Street. The mugger was persistent, but Evans put up a fight.

“She kept hitting me with both fists and worked me over pretty good until she knocked me down; and as she knocked me down on the concrete, I let go of the purse.”

Sgt. Ray Bush with Fort Worth Police Department said, “Her purse was taken. It was determined later that it was used at some area businesses.”

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2 thoughts on “Robber Beats Up Grandma For Purse As Shoppers Stand by And Watch”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me… Have we grown so passive, that we’ll only merely observe and record as someone commits an evil act?

    O’ Father, give us the courage to rebuke the spirit of fear and ACT in these situations and DEFEND those who are being attacked!

  2. I would suggest that we need a policeman walking a beat at the Mall. I would say a trained German Shepherd accompanying the policeman will deter any repeats of this behavior. A German Shepherd is ten times quicker than a human being. Properly trained there is no one out there that is going to go against this animal for a purse. Most are so gentle that they will allow kids to pet them.
    I owned a hyperactive female German Shepherd for 10 years while my kids were growing up. She thought of those kids as her own. Basically she was very territorial. Would not allow any other animals to invade our yard. They last about 10 or 11 years. This one died in her dog house. We gave her a proper burial. She was like a member of our family.

    I noticed it was two on one and the people doing the theft were black. Or did I get that wrong?The shame is that so many crimes out there are from people with a racial background.
    When we look at color of a person’s skin, that person is wearing a uniform just like if they were in a military service. What paints one paints all. And that is what is shameful. Whether it be Black, White, or Yellow, our communities have failed these people that commit crimes and flood our jails with people. Financially, those jails will ruin not just these people, but all of us.

    I blame our education systems that do not prepare a lot of people for earning a living and making a decent life for themselves.
    I blame our drug industry that illegally hooks people so they are desperate to get that next fix.
    I blame a court system that does not recognize this for what it is, a form of slavery much worst than that of the old South. A slavery we have no cure for.
    Any person out there that is addicted to something knows exactly what I am talking about.
    Whether it is hard drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or even perversion, addiction is the real master of crimes against all of us.
    That grandmother was a risk. It was a stupid thing to do. All it would have taken was one person like an off duty police officer with a gun and that is all she wrote.
    Those cell phones were a good idea because now they know who did it.
    Those clowns are on the run.
    Unless you are a professional policeman, you do not get involved directly with someone attempting a crime. If they are high on drugs, they will not even feel the pain. They might kill someone. It is not uncommon for them to show several times the strength of a normal person.
    Do not directly fight them. ID them if you can and leave police work to police people.

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