The Russian Air Force’s Super Weapon: Beware the PAK-FA Stealth Fighter

Russian PAK-FA Stealth Fighter

The Russian Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA stealth fighter could prove to be a formidable competitor to American fifth-generation combat aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Indeed, in some measures, the new Russian warplane will exceed both U.S.-built jets, but the PAK-FA is not without its flaws.

“The analysis that I have seen on the PAK-FA indicates a pretty sophisticated design that is at least equal to, and some have said even superior to U.S. fifth-generation aircraft,” former U.S. Air Force intelligence chief Lt. Gen. Dave Deptula told the National Interest. “It certainly has greater agility with its combination of thrust vectoring, all moving tail surfaces, and excellent aerodynamic design, than does the F-35.”

Indeed, the PAK-FA appears to be optimized for the air-superiority role like the F-22 more so than the multirole, strike-optimized F-35. Like the Raptor, the PAK-FA is being designed to fly high and fast to impart the maximum amount of launch energy to its arsenal of long-range air-to-air missiles—which would greatly increase the range of those missiles.

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1 thought on “The Russian Air Force’s Super Weapon: Beware the PAK-FA Stealth Fighter”

  1. And how much does one aircraft cost to make?
    How many can you afford to lose?
    Logistics lost the war for the Russians in Afganistan and bankrupted the country. All because some genius designed hand-held bazooka type missiles capable of being launched from horseback. Even without the horseback the weapon was an economic disaster for the Russians because these primitive people on horseback took on expensive combat helicopters and were destroying one or more a day until the Russians retreated.
    How fast can they run?
    No nation should depend on sophisticated expensive weapon machines in today’s world. Sorry they did not get the memo.
    Now what happens if all the electronics on the plane suddenly don’t work?
    That is where weaponry is going right now. We are talking about massive Electro-Magnetic Fields capable of burning out all kinds of electronic components. I have no idea what other tech is out there right now. But laser guns certainly come to mind and they are controlled and fired by computer operators similar to those played in war games by millions of people world wide.

    The difference is the hardware is real. The weapons are real. And we have millions of young people well trained in how to operate those weapons. It would take days to put those people behind real weapons of destruction with computer operated controls.
    We do not need even that sophistication. All we need is a good number of regular weapons fired from a car.
    The greatest problem is that what ever we have they can copy. That means that the future of weapons is in the hands of those tech geniuses capable of shielding their weapons from EMF.
    When are these people going to get the message that expensive does not always mean effective?
    We, too, invest in billion dollar ships with a probable lifespan of 15 minutes in a battle on the high seas.
    Doesn’t make much sense to me. But I am just one of the poor millions of people helping to pay for this dinosaur approach to warfare.

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