Study Finds That EVERY Police Department in US Failed To Meet Use Of Lethal Force Standards

Police State - Photo by Elvert Barnes on Flickr

A study undertaken by Amnesty International USA has found that every state in the US is failing to comply with the minimum international standards on the lethal use of force by police.

The report also found that 13 US states, more than a quarter, fall beneath the legal standards outlined in US constitutional law, while 9 of those 13, shockingly, have NO laws whatsoever that encompass lethal use of force.

This means that in 9 states, police can kill someone and avoid the consequences by claiming they had no choice but to use lethal force.

“While law enforcement in the United States is given the authority to use lethal force, there is no equal obligation to respect and preserve human life. It’s shocking that while we give law enforcement this extraordinary power, so many states either have no regulation on their books or nothing that complies with international standards,” Amnesty USA executive director Steven Hawkins told the London Guardian.

Hawkins described the findings as evidence that law enforcement departments have a “shocking lack of fundamental respect for the sanctity of human life.”

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1 thought on “Study Finds That EVERY Police Department in US Failed To Meet Use Of Lethal Force Standards”

  1. The police department like everyone else out there on the street has one thing in common. They want to survive.
    To do so means dealing with the worst low life that a country can throw at them.
    Do these low life people have guns? A lot of times the answer to that question is YES and they are loaded with ammunition.
    Do these low life people feel pain. Depends. Are they on drugs and higher than a kite when they are apprehended doing something wrong?
    The question this article needs to ask is: “WHO watches the policeman? Who keeps them on the straight and narrow path of ethical behavior?”
    Generally the answer is something called Internal Affairs. They are not popular with anyone. You can get fired from your job by Internal Affairs. Your cowboy cops out there need to beware of this department. There job is to restrain you from doing things illegally. It needs to be overseen by responsible people and it often is not. Thus cops with a record of killing people.
    Malcolm X was a druggie and a thief before he found religion in jail.
    He made comments from the side of the thief that are true to this day.
    I mention it because we need to know what is in the heads of people opposed to the law of the land.
    He said that no crime can exist long term without there being corruption in the system itself. That means the police, the lawyers, the court system and the politicians.
    Why do we allow police to lie to you to get a conviction?
    The police are not your friends. They are predators. Yet the legal system allows them to lie? That lie is unethical and is a source of the disrespect society has towards the police department as a whole. You need to keep your mouth shut and get a lawyer ASAP. Even if you are totally innocent of any crime these people cause you to need a lawyer.
    There are actually organizations out there that specialize in dealing with police that do not care about anyone’s constitutional rights. There are lawyers out there that make a living getting people out of their jail houses because these police did not follow the rules set down by the courts. I have seen the videos on line. What it amounts to is a civilian has to dance a very fine line to keep out of trouble with the cops. Especially if you are a minority with little or no money to protect yourself.
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The irony is that when a cop kills civilians without just cause they are likely to be looking over their shoulder for the rest of their lives. All it takes is one individual that goes off after they kill one of their loved ones. The truth is that if you are not related to the person the police often have no leads as to who did the deed. If it is a person familiar with how forensics works they often cover their tracks very well.
    What I am saying is it is in the best interest of any police department NOT to kill anyone they do not have to kill to survive on the job.
    We as citizens need to change the way the laws of this country work. Our laws are what make predators of the police department.
    Yet in order for a police department to work properly it has to have an image of honesty. Without that image, the criminals of our society consider the police to be just as in the wrong as they are. Until we change how we do things, you do not have enough money for me to take the job of being a policeman.

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