Latest Housing Numbers Reveal Disturbing Trends

There was much celebration regarding the jump in July housing starts and permits, which literally blew away Wall Street expectations, being the highest since November 2013. So is this the housing recovery everyone’s been waiting for? Sadly, no, because one glance at the internal numbers reveal that virtually all of the surge higher was due to a big jump in multi-family starts.

The Home Flipping Bubble Implodes (Again)

Home flipping – buying a home and reselling it within 12 months, hopefully for a profit – is the American entrepreneur’s reaction to the vagaries of the housing market. When these gutsy people perceive a big profit opportunity, such as soaring home prices, they pile into the market, and profit grows on trimmed trees and freshly painted walls and rehabbed bathrooms, and flipping volume soars, and the time it takes to complete a flip drops, and nothing can go wrong. Then something goes wrong.