The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything That We Buy At The Grocery Store

The graphic below was created by Oxfam International and it shows how just 10 immensely powerful corporations produce and control virtually everything that we buy at the grocery store.  Is it a good thing to have to much of our food supply in the hands of so few people?…

10 Corporations Control What We Eat

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1 thought on “The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything That We Buy At The Grocery Store”

  1. And what if those 10 corporations decide to sabotage the food supply?
    I refer to genetically altered wheat. Look on the shelves. How much wheat is in our food supply on the grocery shelves? How much is genetically altered and they legally do not have to tell you about it?
    The Monsanto Corporation custom designed food so that the farmers have to re-buy all their seed from them every time they produce a crop. The reason is that the seed coming from the genetically altered food is sterile.
    I believe that sterile food is likely to effect the sterility of the population of the Human Species on this planet. We may wake up someday to homes without children in them.
    There is a book out there about wheat. It claims that the existing wheat causes obesity. That obesity in chain reaction causes a whole bunch of other diseases like diabetes to run through our populations.
    I agree. We should be concerned when 10 corporations own the food supply.

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