This Woman Is A Public School Teacher In Iowa…

2 thoughts on “This Woman Is A Public School Teacher In Iowa…”

    • I hope her fifteen cats eat her face after she chokes to death on a ham sandwich….

      Aannd, that’s why kids are so effed up nowadays….with teachers taking up the banner to teach them that certain people are bad because of what they look like, or where their ancestors came from, it’s no wonder that so few of them have basic reading and math skills and zero knowledge of actual history (you know, stuff that actually happened as opposed to the rewritten version – fantasies about the Continental Congress being ethnically diverse and singing their way through the Constitution and the only reason for the country’s foundation was as a slavery haven).
      Because making kids feel guilty and ashamed of something they can’t help and making them confess to crimes they didn’t commit is absolutely going to make them better, more gifted, contributing members of society.

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