Top general says US does NOT have superiority in cyber warfare and is ‘very uncomfortable’ about cyber competition

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General Martin Dempsey says the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment demonstrates that the military superiority enjoyed by the U.S does not necessarily carry over to the cyberworld.

As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dempsey serves as President Barack Obama’s chief military adviser.

Dempsey was recently asked whether the U.S. was vulnerable to a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbour.’ He said such an attack could disable critical infrastructure and would be hugely disruptive.

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1 thought on “Top general says US does NOT have superiority in cyber warfare and is ‘very uncomfortable’ about cyber competition”

  1. There are two kinds of computer. One is on the internet and vulnerable to anything some genius can crack into.
    The other is not on the internet and connected only to a local network. This system is relatively safe. That assumes no one on the inside copying information and sending out.
    The only way to keep a computer safe is to keep it off the public internet highway.
    That means that you have to have a computer that puts all the internet activity behind a wall. That wall has to be relatively safe and cannot be written in anything that Microsoft puts out. That leaves you with Macs or Linux.
    Or you can write your own language to put the computer on that is not capable of being hacked. The key is breakaway computers that have no information on them that is worth anything to a hacker because no computer is completely 100% safe.
    The messages are sent one way. That means they are stored on a computer and then sent from there. It means no communication with any internal computer. That means using a USB stick to transport the messages from the factory computers to the internet through the blank computer. Even if the system is hacked it only goes as far as the blank computer interface.
    I strongly suggest a DVD operating system on the blank computer that puts the entire operating system on a RAM memory which is erased completely when the machine is rebooted.
    The DVD is written in stone. It cannot be changed by anything or anybody. The RAM is capable of being changed but is erased every time the system is rebooted.
    The reason behind RAM is that DVDs are too slow.

    Also RAM is easily erased and re-stored from DVD.
    Most information on a hard drive can be restored as the system is to erase the first character and allow the rest to be stored over and written over at a later date.
    The way around this is to optimize a drive on a regular basis and format hard drives after the information has been stored.
    Both methods play hell with anyone trying to hack into a system.
    The only true security is to stay off the internet with computers with critical information on them. That is only as good as the people using it.
    Where computer security is concerned, paranoia is good security.
    Always error on the side of caution.
    Again, the only good security is to keep the critical information off any computer on the internet.

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