1 thought on “Tucker Carlson: Most Americans aren’t aware of the research”

  1. I’ve suffered with gender dysphoria since puberty. I’ve thought of transitioning multiple times and have been suicidal in the past because of it. My last major episode was a year or two ago. I’m married with children. Transitioning would have destroyed my family and likely my life. At the time, I was in therapy and seriously considering upending my life for this issue. The therapist told me that my only option, if I wanted to be happy, was to change genders according to how I feel.

    One day I was agonizing over what choice I should make. I was walking with a co-worker during break time and I looked up at the sky. Suddenly I heard a voice in my head, clear as day. The voice pierced my heart and simply asked the question: “is this what you really want?”. I realized that it wasn’t. From that point on I’ve gained the knowledge that this disorder is a mental illness associated with childhood trauma, and it’s simply my cross to bear. My family needs me as I am. I secretly continue to suffer but I take comfort knowing that God is watching over me and warned me from taking the wrong path.

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