Volcanoes ARE cooling Earth: Aerosols from small eruptions have reduced global temperatures and tropical rainfall

Volcanic Eruption - Public Domain

Small volcanic eruptions over the past 20 years have been protecting the Earth from global warming, according to a new study.

Scientists have confirmed that droplets of sulphur-rich aerosols spewed into the upper atmosphere by volcanoes have been reflecting sunlight away from the Earth.

Until recently it was thought that only particularly large eruptions had any noticeable affect on the climate.

However, the new study has confirmed results from the end of last year that showed these small eruptions can have an accumulative impact on global temperature.

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1 thought on “Volcanoes ARE cooling Earth: Aerosols from small eruptions have reduced global temperatures and tropical rainfall”

  1. What ever happened to global warming? Now we are cooling off too fast?
    I think the most significant event is that we are increasing Carbon DIoxide in the atmosphere. The question is are we too late to balance things back to where they were before we started throwing CO2 into the atmosphere?
    I think in 1950 we had not nearly as many cars on the road as we do now. Carbon Monoxide was the real problem back then.
    If you placed a car running inside a closed garage you were going to die.
    Now on any given day, you have an enormous number of cars giving out CO2 and CO1 into the atmosphere. Not just here, all over the planet the automobile is throwing poisonous gas into the atmosphere. When is enough, really too much?
    The other side of this equation is plants. Big and small, plants break co2 down and back to Oxygen.
    Some of the best balancing plants occur in the jungles of the planet. So what is South America doing? Cutting down all the trees in the jungle?
    What we need is to plant a whole bunch of oxygen generating plants all over the planet. Things like trees. But in some cases, grasses are just as good.
    Then we need special cars that bust the CO2 back to oxygen and put them on all the cars.
    The real question is how much time do we have before anything we do will be too late? That in 5-20 years down the road the entire atmosphere will be unbreathable.
    There is a reason why the EPA suddenly wants to outlaw any wood burning stoves we have used for years. The question is when are they going to come clean and tell us the real reason behind their actions?
    The sad fact is they are not coming clean. The sad fact is that they are not telling us what is going on. That might panic a whole lot of people if they did.
    I have two houses. One I have owned for 40 years or more. That house has many trees on it. It is a haven for a lot of different animals. In the summer, under the trees you can breathe fresh oxygenated air day or night. The other house is much newer and has few trees on it. That house is not any where near as breathable as the older house.
    I plan to plant a lot of plants in the near future next summer.
    I think we all need to do something similar in the near future.
    No one person can change what is happening to our Earth. But if we all get together and work on it, a whole lot of things can change.

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