Watch this video compilation of Democrats absolutely losing their minds over Brett Kavanaugh

(Canada Free Press) It’s not even so much that the gap is so wide between the reality of Brett Kavanaugh and their apparent concept of him. Imagining this guy as the destroyer of rights and lives that these people believe him to be simply boggles the mind. He is so clearly not that, it’s hard not to laugh yourself silly watching these people get so worked up about him.

But no, it’s really not that, because that would presume they’re making any serious attempt whatsoever to get their brains around who Brett Kavanaugh really is. They’re obviously not. They never do.

All this is playacting. They’re responding to the choice of the Generic Trump Court Nominee. Who he is and what his real record might be are irrelevant. They were rehearsing all these histrionics as soon as the news of Anthony Kennedy’s retirement came down. No one Trump chose would have elicited a response one iota different from what you’re about to see, because this is the script and they all stick to it.