We Are Being Warned To Brace Ourselves For A “Super Pandemic” – Will It Arrive This Winter?

We have already been through so much the past few years.  COVID turned our society completely upside down, the monkeypox outbreak continues to cause excruciatingly painful skin sores all over the world, and the  global bird flu pandemic has already killed more than 100 million chickens and turkeys in the United States and Europe.  If bird flu mutates into a form that is easily spread among humans, the death toll could be catastrophic.  As I have repeatedly warned my readers, we have entered a period of time when nightmarish pestilences will become increasingly common.  Apparently, Google’s AI chief agrees with me.  In fact, he is warning that we need to brace ourselves for a “super pandemic” because the ability for normal people to cook up deadly new bugs any time they want has become one of the most serious threats that humanity is facing

One of the biggest threats facing the planet is a super-pandemic, warns Google’s AI chief.

Mustafa Suleyman is the billionaire founder of the computer giant’s artificial intelligence division but warns it’s not robots that pose the most danger to mankind.

He claims the ability to cook up a deadly pandemic at home is likely to become commonplace before the end of this decade.

Mustafa says that in the next five years or so, a “kid in Russia” could download the instruction set for a pandemic that’s “more lethal” than anything we have encountered so far.

He makes a really good point.

But I am not worried about a “kid in Russia”.

What I am concerned about are the hundreds of secret labs that are already conducting these sorts of “experiments” all over the planet.

As we have seen, it is way too easy for an “accident” to happen.

Our scientists know that it is just a matter of time before the next pandemic arrives, and they are already busy developing new vaccines.

I don’t know how they expect to create something effective if they don’t know what the next pandemic will be, but they are plowing ahead with their work anyway

British scientists are already developing vaccines for a future ‘Disease X’ pandemic, Sky News reported on Monday. After Covid-19, the researchers believe that deadly animal-borne pathogens – including bird flu, monkeypox, and hantavirus – may evolve to infect humans.

The research is being carried out by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) at the high-security Porton Down laboratory complex in Wiltshire. Porton Down’s Vaccine Development and Evaluation Center has been expanded since the coronavirus pandemic, and 200 scientists are now developing vaccines for animal viruses that haven’t yet infected humans.

“What we’re trying to do here is ensure that we prepare so that if we have a new Disease X, a new pathogen, we have done as much of that work in advance as possible,” UKHSA chief Professor Dame Jenny Harries told Sky. “Hopefully we can prevent [a pandemic]. But if we can’t and we have to respond, then we have already started developing vaccines and therapeutics to crack it.”

Unfortunately, the truth is that we don’t know what will cause the next pandemic or where it will come from.

So we need to watch and be vigilant.

For example, right now a “mysterious respiratory virus” is spreading in India…

Over the past few weeks, Hyderabad has been witnessing a spike in mysterious respiratory virus cases with symptoms similar to adenovirus, influenza, and Swine Flu. So far, it is being observed that the virus is only affecting either children or adults with comorbid conditions, according to a report published by Hindustan Times.

That is probably nothing.

But we will watch any strange bug that starts to spread.

The next major pandemic could erupt at literally any time.

As we wait for the next pandemic, COVID is making a comeback.

With each new variant, there is a new wave of fear.

This week, a variant that has been named Pirola is making a lot of headlines

A new, rapidly spreading coronavirus variant has sounded alarm bells for public health experts in the United States amid a rise in cases across the country.

Doctors warned that the BA.2.86 variant – unofficially called “Pirola” – may be cause for concern as it is a newly-designated, highly-mutated variant of Omicron which triggered a surge in cases in a number of countries including the US.

According to a Thursday bulletin in Yale Medicine, the new variant has more than 30 mutations to its spike protein – located on the outer surface of a coronavirus – which helps it enter and infect human cells.

And the CDC is warning that two other variants named “Eris” and “Fornax” are collectively causing a huge spike in cases here in the United States

This is all to say: Covid-19 appears to be making a comeback. And what’s more, this summer and fall uptick coincides with (but may not be caused by) a new dominant variant of the virus taking hold in the US. It’s called EG.5, unofficially nicknamed Eris, and the CDC estimates it’s causing 20.6 percent of current Covid-19 cases in the country. And it’s on the rise: Since the beginning of July, EG.5’s prevalence has increased 12.7 percent.

And it’s not the only variant making waves. The second most dominant variant is FL.1.5.1 (Fornax). At the beginning of August, this variant was the fifth most prevalent, accounting for only 7.1 percent of cases. It now accounts for 13.3 percent of cases.

As the weather turns colder, it is probably inevitable that more people will start getting sick.

In turn, many on the left will be calling for a return of restrictions and mandates.

In fact, authorities in New York City were already encouraging people to “mask up” for the Labor Day weekend

People in New York are being encouraged to mask up this Labor Day weekend as the number of COVID-19 cases rise, including two new variants.

New York City’s health department spokesman said wearing a mask could be a “good idea” when in crowded places this holiday weekend, as many will be in large groups.


After all this time, they expect people to begin doing that again?

During an interview with CNN, Dr. Fauci expressed his concern “that people will not abide by recommendations” if the CDC asks people to start wearing masks in the months ahead…

In a Saturday interview, former White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci spoke out in defense of masking up amid today’s rising COVID cases.

In the event that masks are again recommended, he is “concerned that people will not abide by recommendations,” he said in the interview.

“I would hope that if we get to the point that the volume of cases is such and organizations like the CDC recommends — CDC does not mandate anything — recommends that people wear masks, I would hope that people abide by that recommendation and take into account the risks to themselves and their families,” Fauci told CNN.

At this point, I think that most of the population has grown tired of the “recommendations” of Fauci and other “experts”.

If you doubt this, just take a look at the numbers.

To me, they tell a very clear story

Just 17% of Americans as of May rolled up their sleeves for the latest round of shots offered. That’s a steep drop from the first shot, which saw 81% of the population roll up their sleeves.

But there are reasons to be hopeful that uptake of the shots could be higher this time around. A survey from KFF found that more than half of adults said they are likely to get another COVID-19 booster shot if it’s offered annually like the flu shot.

Personally, I don’t think that COVID will be a big story in 2024 and beyond.

I believe that pestilences that are far more severe are inevitably coming.

And when they arrive, they will create far more fear than anything that we have witnessed during the past few years.

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