‘We’re Screwed’: MSM Caught on Hot Mic at White House Ebola Press Briefing

White House

For a little insight into what our mainstream media really thinks (but will never say), check out what CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett and two of his colleagues said when Garrett apparently forgot his mic was still on after the White House’s October 3rd press briefing on the government’s Ebola response ended.

Now, Aaron and I are in no way saying “we’re screwed.” We’re just trying to show you these mainstream reporters obviously don’t believe the government’s b.s. any more than we do…yet they go on prime time TV and tell everyone exactly what the government wants us all to hear night after night. It really is all just a big fat dog and pony show, and this clip is just more (quite obvious) proof of that.

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1 thought on “‘We’re Screwed’: MSM Caught on Hot Mic at White House Ebola Press Briefing”

  1. That about says it all.
    The truth by accident.
    Part of the problem is the open border to our South. That means uncontrolled access to this country and they bring all their baggage with them. That includes deadly viruses in this case.
    Part of the problem is this is as virile as a bad case of the flu. That means that it is a deadly version of the flu. Not the name, not the disease, but that is the visualization we have to use when dealing with this disease. That means that you have to assume the worst. That means that you have to assume it is airborne even though it probably isn’t.
    I suggest that every fluid be sprayed with food dye. That means that if you have any food dye on you that you have accidentally exposed yourself. In the printing trade we used to clean small presses on a regular basis.
    I once saw a journeyman printer clean the whole press in a suit of clothes including a tie. He had a pure white shirt on. He cleaned the entire press without getting any ink on him. It was remarkable to see. A typical apprentice doing that job would have ink all over his hands, his clothes and everything in sight.
    The staff has to be trained to not have any dye on them when they clean up. That is a difficult job if not impossible.
    I suggest we use robotics to treat the patients. Then destroy the robots afterwards. Or sterilize it. That means a high temperature wash with bleach water and soap.
    Your nurse controls the robot through a monitor onboard the robot. It makes things awkward but doablle with out risk to the nurse.
    I suggest they not be treated at a hospital at all. They need to be isolated in a disposible building.
    Instead of bringing the fevers down, push it up. The higher short term fever the better. That is the immune system attempting to deal with the viruss and it needs all the help it can get.
    I suggest intervenioues massive doses of Vitamins C, D3, and B complex later on. This might fight the disease or not. Don’t know enough.
    I suggest everything be covered with certain frequences of light to kill any exposed viruses. Ultraviolet light comes to mind as a possible killer of the virus. Other frequencies of light might be better, I simply do not know.
    If we can find a vulnerable frequency of light that destroys the Virus, expose everything to that frequency of ligtht. Probably won’t happen.
    What we are likely to have to do is close any group activities down at the source.
    I suggest all dishes, utensils, pots, pans, etc. be put into a bath of bleach water. Bleach sterilizes and may contain the virus in a home.
    We may have to do our grocery shopping on-line and delivered to the homes.
    All clothes in the house that are exposed to people need to go through a bleach alternative wash.
    Lots of luck finding people willing to treat patients with this disease. Personally, I would quit and run the other way. Nothing is worth the risk involved. No amount of money is worth the risk.
    That nurse probably followed every protocol in the book and she still ended up with it. It is complete lies to say she didn’t. Because with your life on the line, those professionals are most likely to follow through and dot ever “I” and cross every “t” out there.
    If you want to train people, put an invisible dye on every infected surface in the room used to train. Then when they are through use an ultraviolet light to show the medical people where they got “infected” with the disease. Some of the most careful people out there will have those invisible dye spots on them.

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