You Won’t Believe What A Liberal Protester Just Did To An Effigy Of Donald Trump…

Effigy Of Donald Trump

Liberal protests against Donald Trump are becoming increasingly violent. On Friday, I warned that this would happen, and over the weekend we witnessed extremely disturbing confrontations in both Arizona and Utah. No matter whether you are a supporter of Donald Trump or not, what we are watching unfold should deeply alarm you. Are violent protests, riots and confrontations with police going to become a daily occurrence until the election in November? Will this become the spark that sets off widespread civil unrest all over the nation? Unless Donald Trump wins the election, I have a feeling that he is going to end up deeply regretting running for president, because now his entire family lives under the threat of constant attack. Is this what “political discourse” is going to look like in this country moving forward?

Just consider what we just witnessed in Salt Lake City. Liberal activists strung up an effigy of Donald Trump by a noose, and then one of them proceeded to behead it. I have posted video of this incident below

Remember, this happened in one of the most conservative states in America.

If this kind of thing is happening in Salt Lake City, what kind of scenes will we see in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles by the time election day rolls around?

And can you imagine the media uproar that would ensue if someone did this to an effigy of Obama?

It would be front page news for weeks on end. But because it was done to an effigy of Donald Trump, it apparently is not that big of a deal.

Of course this was not the only disturbing incident in Salt Lake City. On Friday night, there were lots of violent confrontations between protesters and supporters of Donald Trump outside of a Trump campaign event at the Infinity Event Center. At one point, liberal activists tore down Secret Service security checkpoints and tried to storm the doors of the Infinity Event Center, but fortunately the police were able to repel the attack. The following is just a sampling of what we witnessed…

This is the kind of think that you might expect to see in a third world nation. The United States is supposed to be far more civilized than this.

On Saturday, there were more violent confrontations at Trump events in Arizona. The following comes from Bloomberg

The Trump supporter who struck the demonstrator in Tucson was a black man angered by another protester who was wearing a white sheet over her head in an imitation of a Ku Klux Klan hood. At the time, Trump termed the protester wearing the hood “really disgusting,” saying that agitators at his events were “taking away our First Amendment rights.”

Authorities on Saturday also removed about a dozen protesters from the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Outside the rally, more than 100 demonstrators were positioned so close to the entrance that it was difficult for supporters to enter. Earlier on Saturday, near Phoenix, protesters blocked a major road leading to Trump’s rally, triggering three arrests.

If Trump secures the Republican nomination, which is still a big “if”, I have a feeling that what we have seen so far is only going to represent the tip of the iceberg. I believe that this could very easily become the most chaotic election season in modern American history.

As my wife and I have been explaining, things are starting to rapidly change in this country, and the years ahead are going to be very tumultuous. And things are going to be particularly tough for those that live in areas with a very high population density. When you are surrounded by millions of people, it is going to be very difficult to avoid the consequences of widespread civil unrest.

It would be quite difficult to overstate the gains that the radical left has made with our young people. Millennials are far more liberal than any other adult age group, and they are turning out to support Bernie Sanders in droves. In some states, Sanders is winning more than 80 percent of the Democratic Millennial vote.

I just want that to sink in for a bit. These young people are so radical that not even Hillary Clinton is liberal enough for them. They are angry, they are frustrated, and they are willing to act out in very violent ways.

Personally, I am convinced that we are on the initial edge of a wave of civil unrest, chaos and violence that is absolutely unprecedented. What we are going to see in the months and years ahead is going to completely shock this nation.

Hopefully we still have more time to get prepared, but I wouldn’t count on it. This is the most divided that America has ever been in my entire lifetime, and all of the anger and frustration that have been building up under the surface in this country for years is starting to explode.

I had hoped that the anti-Trump protests would be at least somewhat peaceful for a while, but this weekend showed that it isn’t going to be realistic to expect that.

The radical left is extremely angry, and now Donald Trump has provided them with a giant target for that anger.

So how will all of this ultimately end?

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3 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What A Liberal Protester Just Did To An Effigy Of Donald Trump…”

  1. Imagine the backlash from the liberal P0Ss if this same thing was done to and obama Effigy when he was running for POTUS. The double-standard in this country needs to be eliminated. If it takes eliminating the individuals and groups that cannot play well, so be it!! When are we going to take our country back and take out the TRASH?!!!

  2. I would suggest that we have the equivalent of a Nazi National Police right now. So where are they when they might actually do some good. I speak of Home Land Security.
    These violent protesters need to be labeled exactly what they are.
    They are paid professionals. Which brings them under the heading of terrorists.
    IF they are indeed paid protesters then that fact needs to be brought to light and they need to be arrested and put in jail. IF they are paid by someone to protest then that fact needs to be brought out and nailed down with evidence publicly given to the media.
    Because folks, the Media is owned by the same people that are provoking these violent protests.
    There is a time and there is a place for everything. Perhaps it is time to bring the people down that think the law does not apply to them.
    The law concerning terrorists is so powerful that it actually denies due process to terrorists period.
    That means they need never see a lawyer or a court of law. That is how far it goes.
    We also have a national police force. It is called the FBI. They also need to be involved in tracking down the people that are responsible for the violent protests.
    They cannot even bring down a Democrat running for public office with obvious criminal acts in their background. So why would we expect them to bring down the public professionals performing violent protests at a public event?
    Until we get the plank out of our own eyes and make them do their jobs, nothing will ever be resolved.
    The only way this is possible that it is being ignored would be if high government officials are in on it. Lots of luck getting it to stop if I am right.

  3. Michael, we are still in the majority, and these young d’bags act out without consequence SO FAR. At some point, our side will fight back, and when that happens, it will likely unleash a tidal wave of pent up frustration.

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