65 Promises That Barack Obama Has Broken

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(WFB) President Obama has made a lot of very specific, ambitious promises to the American people over the years. Here’s a roundup of 65 of those promises–none of which he kept.

Among some of his commitments: Obama promised that lobbyists would “not work in my White House”; that he would “eliminate waste and inefficiency”; that he would close Guantanamo within one year; that he would not try to run car companies; and that he would make the government “open and transparent.”

2 thoughts on “65 Promises That Barack Obama Has Broken”

  1. The problem President Obama has is people will remember in November that he has broken all these promises. It is lame duck time! In this case, there will be a shift of political parties in control of the Congress in November.
    That could also mean he will be taken to task for the promises he made and broke.
    No one in the opposition party has made reference to this. No one will. He is the greatest campaign manager the Republican Party could ever have. So why dethrone him?
    The problem the Republican Party will have is every one is looking. That means if they are elected then they better do something to earn their pay and it isn’t a lot of lies like we are seeing from their opposite numbers.
    What we are all seeing is corruption beyond belief. That means a complete overhaul of both political parties in 2016. There are people in both parties that believe it will be the same old dance over and over again and nothing can change it. I think they are mistaken this time.

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