Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family for owning a popular mineral supplement

Police State - Photo by Elvert Barnes on Flickr

The need to amend the Bill of Rights to protect medical freedom in America is now greater than ever. Yesterday, government thugs in Hot Springs, Arkansas raided and searched the home of a couple who were in possession of a simple mineral supplement called Miracle Mineral Solution.

Law enforcement officers of Garland County, Arkansas served a search warrant on the Stanley home — yes, possession of a legal, medicinal mineral supplement is now grounds for being searched by the government — where they took the family’s seven children by force.

“The investigation ended in the removal of seven children from their home in Garland County,” reports

“The family has cried foul, saying only the father has taken it and it’s mostly used for purifying water for their garden.”

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3 thoughts on “Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family for owning a popular mineral supplement”

  1. It comes down to who watches the agency? Because we are all human and subject to errors. Without this balance government always gets out of hand. Our ancestors wrote that constitution in an attempt to stop government from getting out of hand.
    Then they turned the whole thing over to bureaucrats and lawyers. It is past time to bring these agencies down.
    I am sure there are many agencies out there that do a good job. That they have a few bad apples means everyone has to come under control. The law should be clear as to what and what not they are able to do.
    Unless that water is illegal in the state, then they need to back off before the FBI gets involved in a kidnapping case.

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