Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ as ‘Anti-Gay’ Words

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Fresh off the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Democrats in California have introduced a bill that would ban the words “husband” and “wife” from being used in federal law because they are “gendered terms” and discriminate against gay people.

The words husband and wife were deleted from California state law last year in order to accommodate same sex marriage.

Under new legislation proposed by over two dozen Democrats, that same rule would be applied federally. The bill, introduced by Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif, would introduce new “gender-neutral” terms such as “spouse” or “married couple.”

“The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act recognizes that the words in our laws have meaning and can continue to reflect prejudice and discrimination even when rendered null by our highest courts,” Capps said. “Our values as a country are reflected in our laws. I authored this bill because it is imperative that our federal code reflect the equality of all marriages.”

Capps said that amending the language used was necessary to reflect “the equality of all marriages” following last month’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage that mandated all states to license same sex marriages.

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2 thoughts on “Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ as ‘Anti-Gay’ Words”

  1. The Democrat Party used to represent labor and the common man. The middle class was included in that. From the betrayals of labor by this party in the 80s and 90s That is no longer true. Clinton signed an agreement that sent jobs south to Mexico. Other agreements have sent jobs out of the country. All by Democrats in league with Republicans voting together against the common person of this country.
    Now they seem to represent all kinds of people not mainstream at all.
    They appear to have an agenda for abortion.
    They appear to have an agenda for gays. Including anti-Christian behavior from a group of Republicans that know better as their support is heavily in the churches of this country. Republicans voting for Planned Parenthood with a record supporting abortions?
    They appear to support a lot of things I do not agree with at all. Illegal immigration comes to mind. Health insurance as a tax. Insurance deductables now 10 times what they were prior to this Obamacare law.
    The only way I can see these people getting elected to congress is if they have no competition at all. Where are the good legal minds in opposition to this bunch of thieves?
    Such as Mr. Romney selling people down the river with his bankruptcy company laying off a lot of people. How in the world do you elect people like that in a nation of laborers?
    Unless the opposition wanted to fail this time to get their way next time when the stink from Washington gets to be too much . . .
    The gay issue here is whether or not we have a right not to support gay marriage in this country for religious reasons.
    Why don’t they just throw away the constitution of this country in the name of multiple law suits for the corrupt bunch of lawyers in government? It might be simpler. I see a great opportunity for wealth building of up and coming lawyers in the decisions of the Supreme Court in the last two terms.
    This isn’t really about gays. It is about making money by making controversial decisions that any average American can see is obviously completely made up law and wrong.
    This country also has a huge majority of Christians going to church every Sunday and every Monday they ignore what this bunch are doing.
    Otherwise there would be a number of recall petitions out there and a call for the Impeachment of the current Lame Duck President for violations of law concerning Illegal Immigration in this country and the promotion of ignoring basic civil law of this country.
    These illegals are in violation of any number of local laws and federal laws that are currently not being enforced by the Federal Government Executive Branch.
    This has far reaching consequences. But if you have the Supreme Court of the land in your back pocket it is easy to ignore all these violations of law. My feeling is that is exactly what is happening.
    No law system in any country can continue to ignore some laws and promote other laws without a huge conflict of interest. Sooner or later that conflict will lose all respect by the people of this country. Thus you will have wide spread anarchy and chaos set in.
    And that is the error being made in the courts right now. Justice Oliver Wendal Holmes said it best when he said that the law has to have the appearance of justice if nothing more.

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