Ferguson police chief says his officers are ‘pursuing’ an investigation into whether Michael Brown’s stepfather incited the riots that left the city a burning ruin last week

Ferguson Civil Unrest - Photo by Loavesofbread

Michael Brown’s step father Louis Head could face charges for inciting the mob violence that left parts of Ferguson a smouldering wreck this time last week, claims the city’s police chief.

According to Thomas Jackson, the Ferguson Police department is ‘pursuing’ an investigation into whether Brown was in part responsible for starting last weeks fiery riot by screaming ‘Burn this motherf****r down! Burn this bi**h down!’ on discovering the grand jury’s decision.

Speaking on Monday night’s Fox News, Jackson was asked by host Sean Hannity whether he believed charges should be pressed against Head for his role in the disturbances that evening, posing the question, ‘Is that inciting a riot?’

In reply, Jackson said, ‘We are pursuing those comments. And there is a lot of discussion going on about that right now. But I really can’t get into that right now.’

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