Gaza conflict: Israeli soldier reportedly captured as ceasefire quickly unravels

Israeli Troops - taken by the Israel Defense Force

The Israeli military said one of its soldiers was captured by Palestinian militants during clashes in southern Gaza as a 72-hour ceasefire that began today quickly unravelled.

The Israeli military said that 90 minutes into the truce — as Palestinian families who had fled neighbourhoods that had been turned into battlefields began to trek home — militants attacked soldiers searching for infiltration tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip.

“Forces [from Israel] operating to decommission an [infiltration] tunnel were attacked. Initial indications are that a soldier has been abducted by terrorists during the operation,” Israel Defence Force spokesman Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner said in a conference call with journalists.

There was no immediate word from militant groups on whether any were holding the soldier, identified by the military as 23-year-old Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin.

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2 thoughts on “Gaza conflict: Israeli soldier reportedly captured as ceasefire quickly unravels”

  1. How they deal with the violators will tell everyone just how effective a truce is in dealing with this potential world war.
    It is only a matter of time before it becomes a violation of our own cities and towns.
    It is only a matter of time before we become involved in a World Conflict.

  2. When we are leaderless and weak – The world becomes a dangerous place.
    This “admoinistration” is like the last democratic administration that Gave N. korea and Pakistan the bomb. Iran will have the bomb and it will not be good for the WORLD!

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