Immigration End Game Revealed: New Law Would Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote, Collect Government Benefits

Illegal Immigration Billboard

In recent weeks tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have flooded the southern border of the United States. So much so that border patrol agents are overwhelmed to the point where security along the Rio Grande river has become virtually non-existent. Instead of making arrests, detaining and deporting those who cross into America illegally, many immigration agents are reportedly mixing baby food and changing diapers for children left displaced by parents who’ve abandoned them in the hopes their kids would find greener pastures in the U.S.

The inaction on the part of the Federal government has left many bewildered. Some insiders at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have even gone so far as to suggest that the entire situation has been orchestrated by the Obama administration in an effort to increase their voter base ahead of the upcoming national elections this year and in 2016. That allegation may have seemed ridiculous to supporters of amnesty legislation and immigration reform, who argue that allowing immigrants into America is a humanitarian issue.

But a new legislative proposal from Democratic Senator Guestavo Rivera of New York may have just proven that opponents of lax border policies have a legitimate concern as it relates to diluting the Conservative and Libertarian voter block, as well as the burden of more government spending to accommodate the influx of people requiring assistance.

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2 thoughts on “Immigration End Game Revealed: New Law Would Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote, Collect Government Benefits”

  1. …and look no further for the red-flag that it’s a Democrat proposing the legislation. They’re not even trying to hide it! If something like this ever passed, that pretty much means anyone from the entire world could just come in during an election and vote – VOTE FOR AN AMERICAN ELECTION!

    The opportunities for voter fraud would be endless!

  2. It makes a perverted kind of sense.
    Put that Demoncrat Congressman on the list of people to unelect at the next possible election. IF we the voters get a chance to do so. No one is saying right now.
    I used to vote FOR Democrats before all this came out of the wood pile.
    I intend to vote for anyone that HAS NOT served in the U.S. Congress in November. I am an equal opportunity employer of the U.S. Congress and I think it is time for them all to step down and let someone else step in and start solving the problems we have today. That means reversing a lot of the mistakes this lawyer-happy Congress has made. It means doing the same thing to both parties until they wake up and start working FOR the people.
    If you want to keep them out, then voter registrars have to insist on proper ID and residence rules.
    Strongly suggest security at the polls. Because some will try to vote illegally anyway. I think a nice taxi ride to jail would be the first reaction. If they are voters, they have to obey our laws.
    I also strongly suggest that a lot of this is coming from the Mexican Mafi. The country is literally controlled by drugs. Even the CIA is using the real people in charge in Mexico for that reason. It is a well known idea that someone may be supplying them with weapons in Mexico.
    My other suggestion is to ask for their draft card. No draft card, no vote. Unless of course you are way past the draft in age.
    I think all veterans should have a special ID with benefits. One of which is reserve status no matter what your age. That means that if the VA Hospital cannot handle your needs, then you can check yourself into the base hospital nearest to your home city. It also means that when the SHTF we can be there to maintain order without a bunch of amateurs resorting to shooting people.
    China has billions of people. We have millions of people. But I would gladly defend my country if it ever became necessary. And I am 71 years of age and I have been out of the military since 1965.
    I have found in my life that “please” and “thank you” have very magic control powers over people.
    Giving respect instead of profanity.
    Anything else provokes violence. And that is the number one lesson that all our police forces need to learn first. How to get people on your side . . .

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