Russian Navy Welcomes Most Advanced Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine

Russian Submarine - Public Domain

The Russian Navy has officially accepted K-560 Severodvinsk, the most advanced nuclear-powered multipurpose submarine Russia has ever produced.

Severodvinsk is the lead of the Yasen-class submarines, which are to become the backbone of the Russian Navy’s conventional submarine force. It was laid down back in 1993, but budgetary restrictions stemming from the post-Soviet transition caused a long delay in its construction. K-560 was launched in 2010 and had been undergoing sea trials since September 2011.

The flag raising ceremony of the Russian Navy on K-560 took place on Tuesday in Severodvinsk, the city after which the submarine was named. It is to move to its new base in the Northern Fleet by year’s end and will remain in service for at least 30 years, Navy Commander Admiral Victor Chirkov told the crew of the submarine.

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4 thoughts on “Russian Navy Welcomes Most Advanced Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine”

    • The Russians own a single relatively old aircraft carrier. As for the U.S,. the price on the most recent aircraft carrier the Ford, was slightly over 12 billion dollars. That is for the ship only, it does not count the aircraft on board.

      • All it takes is one good strike to take out a 12 billion dollar investment? I have a huge problem with a Navy management that thinks this is the way our defenses should be handled. That Carrier can be at the bottom of the ocean in a few hours at best.

  1. ‘War’ and ‘Greed’ are the two most destructive powers on this planet. In this case, it speaks volumes when nations celebrate their latest forms of weaponry. Like receiving the newest toy for Christmas, every other kid on the block follows suit, to maintain status quo.

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