News Anchor Called Out on Air For Going Ga Ga Over Coworker’s Bikini Body

News Anchor Called Out on Air For Going Ga Ga Over Coworker’s Bikini Body

A “Good Day New York” anchor was called out by his co-anchor after he started making comments towards his female news anchor’s bikini body during a live report from a New Jersey water park.

Anna Gilligan is a field reporter for WNYW-TV and went to New Jersey’s Action Park to try out their new Tarzan rope swing for a light-hearted segment. However, the report went south when a fellow news anchor wouldn’t gather himself together professionally on air about how good Gilligan looked in a bikini.

What do you think about this?

Do you think he should have got a slap on the hand or let go from his job?

2 thoughts on “News Anchor Called Out on Air For Going Ga Ga Over Coworker’s Bikini Body”

  1. One: Totally unprofessional behavior on part from the male anchor. Completely uncalled for while performing on-air. That man’s behavior just gave legit anchors, like the late Peter Jennings, a bad name.

    Two: It was inappropriate for the female reporter to conduct that segment wearing a skimpy two-piece. Not sure why it was even necessary for her to perform that stunt, to begin with.

    What has happened to modesty in our time? Sex-worship in our nation has become…a shameful norm.

  2. Basically we are not allowed to comment on anything anymore.
    She is a young female with a very attractive female body. So what!
    I think the male anchor was milking it for all he was worth. So what!
    On TV, on cable, last week there were probably 20 some nude scenes on television in the family living room paid for if they have cable. So far the government has taken no action.
    This is not 1950. The puritan ethic in the entertainment industry is gone along with a lot of their morale integrity. Go to any video store or Red Box in the country and tell me what you find.
    It is most likely a bunch of people acting in a criminal manner. Now I do find those movies obscene.
    Basically this young man was saying WOW! You have a very nice female body in a two piece swimsuit that looks a whole lot like what a female undergarments would look like. I didn’t hear any profanity or anything really out of sorts except he commented. She did say she stripped. So what!
    I vote on those movies with my wallet. I don’t rent them.
    It would have been more appropriate for her to wear an 1920s style swimsuit according to some people. In the modern world, exposing a little skin should not be a matter of concern to anyone.
    That a healthy young male co-monitor acted like a healthy young male is scandalous or not.
    I think way too much is made of it.
    You go to any beach or any water place in the country and people are dressed a whole lot more obscene than this young lady.

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