Obama Says That He Is ‘Confident’ That He Could Have Won In 2016


President Barack Obama expressed confidence that his progressive vision for the country still has broad appeal despite the stunning defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election this November in a candid sit-down for his former adviser David Axelrod’s podcast “The Axe Files.”

Although he complimented Clinton, saying she “performed wonderfully under really tough circumstances,” he also suggested that had he been able to campaign for a third term he could have rallied many Americans — even those who disagreed with him — behind his vision of a more tolerant and diverse nation.

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4 thoughts on “Obama Says That He Is ‘Confident’ That He Could Have Won In 2016”

  1. He is basically the real reason she lost the election.
    It was Obamacare that riled the small business community to side with Trump.
    It was Obama that chased the Democrats out of the Congress with his policies concerning illegal immigration.
    There is no way to know for sure.
    A Republican may have beaten him. Not necessarily Trump, but someone with a strong image might have beat him.

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