Pentagon gives pink slips to thousands of soldiers, including active-duty officers

The Pentagon - Photo by David B. Gleason

The Pentagon is laying off thousands of military officers, including those serving or who have recently served in Afghanistan.

Defense Department officials said the reductions are the result of mandatory spending cuts imposed by sequestration and are part of their larger plan to reduce the number of U.S. soldiers from 520,000 to 450,000

Roughly 2,600 captains and other officers have or will be laid off, with more expected, Fox News learned Friday.

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1 thought on “Pentagon gives pink slips to thousands of soldiers, including active-duty officers”

  1. The government is unwittingly giving these honorable Armed Forces a favor. Yes, a favor, because they obviously do not understand these people are devoting their lives to the protection and security of the people of this country. This is obviously one more slap in the face by people that have never served a day in their lives in the military of this country.
    They are not worthy of being protected. That our military blindly serves these goats is beyond any call of duty that they have.
    They simply do not care enough to keep the armed forces in a reasonable manner.
    Many years ago after 4 years of service credit, I had a major life decision to make. Stay in and possibly make a career of the U.S. Air Force or get out and do something different. The Vietnam War was getting worse. A lot of things were being disrespected.
    The straw that broke the camel’s back was a minor thing. You see they decided we did not need butter in the mess halls as it was bad for us. So they put margarine in all the mess halls instead of butter because it was a few cents cheaper and at the time, people thought margarine was better for you. (It wasn’t but that is a different story.)
    When they insulted us with this decision I sat down and had a really long rethink of my position on re-enlisting. I didn’t argue. I didn’t try to change their minds. I simply took my honorable discharge and thanked them for helping me make my decision.
    Ironically, the promotion I had wanted was given me when I went to the inactive reserves. This was E-4 pay grade, or Airman 1st Class, one level below Staff Sergeant. Of course it is easy to promote someone you do not have to pay.
    I am often haunted by sayings of a grand old lady that I knew in Korea. She was a business woman. She ran a good number of apartments as her business and she was very well liked by the other women in the community.
    She had just broke up with her boyfriend, a Sergeant. I knew something of her finances. I understood a lot more Korean than I ever let on. When I left, I was on the verge of being able to read a little Korean in their Korean Script. I have forgotten most of what I knew now.
    I asked Annie why she broke up with him. Annie by Korean and American Standards was fairly wealthy.. She said to me between tears: “If He no pay for it, then he no appreciate me.”
    I say the same thing to those in charge of our military. IF YOU NO PAY FOR IT, THEN YOU NO APPRECIATE THEM. And that is what is happening in our Congress that allows this to happen.
    They simply do not appreciate the military people we have.
    In the coming years, we may be fighting a world war. And who is going to do that fighting for us.
    I think I would tell them to shove it where the sun does not shine. And that is because of the way they treat our soldiers, our airmen, our sailors, and our Veterans.

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