Planned Parenthood’s Goddess Projected On To The Empire State Building

Kali On The Empire State Building - Creative Commons

Statues of Kali, often seen at burial sites, portray a pitch black woman with four arms. In each hand she holds a scimitar, a demon’s head, a “blessings,” and either a spear or trident. She always wears a necklace of skulls, and earrings of demon heads. Blood also streams from her tongue onto her body. Around her waist is strung a skirt made of hands.

She is the perfect choice to remind New Yorkers of whose heads Planned Parenthood is decapitating.

Like Kali, Planned Parenthood’s knives drip with blood from the tissue and parts of babies’ feet, hands, livers, eyes, skin and other organs—in exchange for $23 million in “financial donations.” (Fetal liver cell prices, for example, range from $488 to $24,250.)

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