Prominent Arkansas Pastor Declares That Hell Is A “Fairytale” And Is Just As Fake As Santa Claus

It is becoming quite popular for evangelical Christian leaders to say that hell does not exist.

Pastor Timothy Rogers is the latest example

Rogers, 38, who leads the Prince of Peace church in Blytheville, made his comments during a more than hour-long presentation at the funeral of a young man he said he did not know but was of the same generation.

“‘Is he (the young man who passed) going to Hell? Did he accept Jesus as his …?’ See, y’all have been sold a lie. You’ve been bamboozled. All that stuff is a fairytale. To believe in Hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus. I don’t care how you cut [it]. Hell is an imaginary place. And I was told that if anything that does not have an explanation must be imagination,” Rogers declared.

“So that’s why you can talk about a Hell that you don’t know nobody went to. For a billion years ain’t nobody ever came back and told you that they were hot. For a billion years, ain’t nobody ever came back and told you that they up in yonder singing around in a choir. I didn’t come for you to agree with me.

So what is next?

Will these guys soon be telling us that heaven doesn’t exist either and that our Christian faith is just a bunch of myths and legends?

If you want to hear the entire message that Pastor Rogers delivered in context, you can find it on YouTube right here