Sonja Craighead’s Sobering New Prophetic Vision: ‘I Could Hear The Words, “America Will Burn”‘

When true prophetic voices are really shown what is going to happen to America, it can affect them emotionally on a very deep level.  And this was definitely the case with a sobering vision that Sonja Craighead received just a few days ago.  As I noted in a previous article, Sonja has a track record of being dead on accurate.  Very precise prophecies from the letter that she sent us two years ago were fulfilled in the exact locations where they were supposed to happen.  So with that in mind, I submit this new vision to you all for prayer and consideration…


Hello Meranda and Michael,

Thank you for publishing the recent warning that G-d gave me to share with His American Remnant.

Today was a busy day here at the farm. My husband and I hauled hay, fixed fenced, hauled rock, and did “catch up” chores. This evening we had a quiet dinner alone, then time with our beloved dogs. We were tired, so we went to bed early. As my sweet husband fell asleep, even his quiet deep breathing as he slept, which usually is very calming and grounding for me, tonight wasn’t enough to allow me to fall sleep. I lay tossing and turning. We hadn’t watched TV this evening, as we just wanted to relax. I simply couldn’t relax. As I continued to try to fall asleep, I became more and more restless. Then I saw a huge electric transformer in a big city. It was NYC. I saw several transformers explode through NYC. They were on fire. Sparking and flames reaching up into a night sky. Poppings and explosions were loud and so bright. Fires throughout differing neighborhoods seemed to be everywhere. Then G-d took me to the Pacific NW. I saw Seattle also having big electric transformers on fire and exploding. Fires throughout Seattle also raged in neighborhoods. Then I saw the same scenario in Chicago, Denver, and a large Texas city, but I’m not sure what Texas city.

I’m unsure if these electrical transformer and neighborhood fires and explosions in the different cities were at the same or different times. But I think they were close to happening at a specific time. I have no idea the cause of the transformer explosions and fires. The neighborhood fires were caused by a mixture of electrical issues and riots involving arson and civil unrest.

I saw terrible lightning storms. Storms where the thunder and lightning were frightening. Loud, strong, booming, aggressive storms where the hair on the back of my neck and arms stood up. Lightning was striking trees and causing forest fires grass fires, raging infernos. This was happening in different states. But there forest, brush, and grass wildfires were not at the same time. Some of these fires weren’t containable for weeks, and then others would start and then all of a sudden several raging lightning strike fires were all out of control at the same time, but were caused by different lightning strikes from different storms in different months. There were so many people evacuated from many different locations and many lost homes and all they had extreme fear. Many were displaced that had homes that didn’t burn, but these people weren’t allowed to return home, because their area was still under evacuation orders. They didn’t have access to clothing or belongings from their homes. Businesses burned down. Even businesses that didn’t burn down were impossible for people to get to work. People were without money and belongings with no where to go. Food was very short. People were traumatized and suffering. Family and friends weren’t able to find each other. Chaos was rampant.

Fire seemed to be everywhere. I could hear the words, “America will burn.” I don’t know the timetable of this vision, but I believe it will start soon, and continue for a long time. Livestock and wildlife will die in huge numbers from these forest, grass, and wildfires in Ok., Kansas, New Mex. Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Neb. Wash., Oregon, Idaho, and Calif.

This vision was alarming. Take this record of tonight’s vision from G-d showed me and do what you want with it. Share with those with ears to hear and eyes to see. America is under G-d’s judgment and the only safe place is to stay in an attitude of repentance with a willing heart to obey G-d’s laws and statutes.

Blessings to all of Yeshua’s true followers.

Sonja Craighead