The Coming Financial Crash Will Be Violent

Altogether the S&P 500 now stands at 3.4X its post-crisis low, having generated an 18% annual return (including dividends) for nearly eight years running.

To be sure, in an honest free market that very fact would be a flashing red light, warning that exceptionally high gains over an extended period necessitate a regression to the mean in the period ahead.

But we have a central bank medicated market, not a free or honest one, so at the end of the day fundamentals don’t count. Instead, on the margin the stock market is driven by momentum, central bank liquidity and trader presumption that it will never be withdrawn.

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1 thought on “The Coming Financial Crash Will Be Violent”

  1. Yesterday the market went through the roof, the reason is the resignation of a regulator who took his job seriously. The fiduciary rule, and the band aid put on after the last financial crisis (Dodd-Frank) is being repealed. (Bad for business). Sure ripping off people is good for business (short term) The system has to crash. God is against unequal weights and measures. He will not bless corruption.

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