Twitter Is Losing BILLIONS Of Dollars

Twitter, which has been laying off people and subletting large sections of its office space in San Francisco to other companies, reported today that neither the election campaign – despite the closely followed tweet storms of presidential contenders Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and to a lesser extent Hilary Clinton and other candidates – nor the even more closely followed tweets of President Elect Trump produced visible results on its fourth-quarter revenues and earnings.

Twitter now has reported net losses – as accounted for under the required Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) – every year of its existence. Pretty soon it adds up: Over the past four years, those losses amounted to $2.2 billion.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Is Losing BILLIONS Of Dollars”

  1. I am a retired composing room printer from a daily newspaper. There is a parallel. I worked in building advertising for over 41 years.
    The problem is the advertising itself.
    We used to have a saying. “A man on a galloping horse must spot your ad and stop to read it.”
    The header on the advertising must intrigue the person reading it. Most people glance at a page or screen in this case. They do not read the advertising consciously. The trick here is to get them to read it subconsciously and make a decision in the retail market place to buy your product.
    If they fail to do this, then your media has failed to produce revenue for the advertising customer and they will not repeat the mistake very often.
    Timing is often critical as well. A grocery ad in a daily newspaper with coupons will be most effective on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Natonal ads are usually on a Thursday or a Sunday.
    By the way, we often think of newspapers as a thing of the past. Yet in my time there, one small hole in the wall grocery advertised only in his district in a special kind of advertising once a week. His revenues increased 19% while he was advertising.

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